Nissan is the new entrant in small segment car market in India

Looks like all the international car brands are looking for expansion in Indian car market especially in small car segment.

We heard about several International brands coming to India in automobile sector, now the news is from another big name in cars, and that is Nissan, looking for its expansion in India, and plans to be selling its small car in India from July.

Kiminobu Tokuyama (M.D., Nissan Motor India) told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview, “We are well on track to open the new factory in March. Production will start in May and the first hatchback on the V platform will be sold from July”

Nissan and France’s Renault S.A. are jointly investing 45 billion rupees in setting up a new factory in Chennai in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Nissan’s 370Z sports car in India will be imported as a fully-built unit from Japan and will be sold in two variants. The six-speed manual transmission model will be costing somewhere around 5.35 million rupees, and the seven-speed automatic model has been priced at 5.45 million rupee at New Delhi showrooms.

However, the scene in small car market has changed drastically in last few years, earlier small cars were said to be costing around 2-3 Lakhs and as far as I remember it was the Maruti Swift, which changed the concept of small car prices in India. What do you think about it, does paying more than 4-5 Lakhs is worth for a small Car? Share your views with us via comments.

Source and Image Courtesy WSJ

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