No More Ticket Printouts at Airports, Use your Mobile or Tablets

Finally something which will not only save lot of paper but is also a relief to travellers who for some reason were not able to take print out of the ticket and had to pay a hefty amount of Rs 100 per page which was recently increased from Rs 50.

Aviation Ministry of India has announced that from today i.e. January 1, 2013 you can show your tickets to the security using your mobile devices, laptops or tablets. However you will need to carry a Photo id as usual.

This is indeed a great move but I see a lot of trouble happening when you show your ticket on your mobile phone as most of them don’t fit on-screen and zooming, swiping is not what security guards are used to. So initially the flyers will have to help out the guards to clearly show the tickets and make everybody comfortable. So if the guard is taking a long time to clear the queue, you know what is the reason.

According to HT, Aviation Ministry also wants to  crop out Tagging and stamping of cabin baggage which means you will have to manually go and identify your luggage like old times. This process is not only painful but also takes a lot of time because the baggage doesn’t get loaded unless the final mark has been made.

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