Now work for Facebook, office to start soon in Hyderabad

Working with Google, working with Microsoft, working with Deloitte, etc. these are the giants who have their offices in India, and several Indians work there and also contribute in the enormous growth of IT and Business sector. Here arrives another big brand to India, and brings along more job opportunities to Indian IT field.

Facebook, a big-big brand name in social networking is all set to start an office in the beautiful ‘City of Pearls’, Hyderabad (India).

Facebook Hyderabad

Facebook hiring in Hyderabad

Facebook lately announced this, according to this plan they also will setup their offices in Austin, Texas as well. The offices are the outcome of the thought to serve the more than 400 million of Facebook users worldwide, they also want to serve growing number of advertisers and developers well.

So, if you are in IT field, keep an eye on this page, see if you can get an opportunity to work with Facebook, All the Best

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  1. Good win for India. The economy is really developing there. Poor U.S. needs some of those jobs.

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