Official Website for Indian Budget

If you are looking around and still scratching your head where Indian Government put Official announcements and files of Indian Union Budget and Econimic survey, , is the right place for it. You can find all the previous budget and surveys detail right here.

Union Budget
Union Budget

Here is the list for 2010 – 2011 Budget which you can find here:

  • Key to Budget Documents
  • Budget Highlights (Key Features)    
  • Budget Speech  
  • Budget at a Glance 
  • Annual Financial Statement  
  • Finance Bill   
  • Memorandum   
  • Receipt Budget   
  • Expenditure Budget   
  • Customs & Central Excise   
  • The Macro Economic Framework Statement   
  • The Medium Term Fiscal Policy Statement 
  • The Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement
  • Statement of Revenue Foregone
  • Implementation of Budget Announcements

You will be able to download all the documents in PDF format.  Here is Budget Higlights Key Features in Hindi and English.


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