Online Database for Indian Manuscripts

Manuscripts are hand written documents which are very old and have significant scientific, historical or aesthetic value. In February 2003, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture,Government of India started National Mission for Manuscripts.

This site maintains a record of all manuscripts that are available in different parts of India and availble to be see in places like most museums, district libraries, archives and grantha bhandars.  Manuscripts are often an interest to peope who are doing a study of Indian history, more specifically research on Indian  history and culture where it plays an important role.

Indian manuscripts

Indian manuscripts

You can make a search for Indian Manuscripts based on criteria of title, author, script, subject, language and material here

Going on step ahead this site also give instructions and details on how the manuscripts can be conserved, digitized and get into publication for public availability. Infact if you have any valuable manuscripts you can sell to Indian Governement as stated in their FAQ

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