Order Maharashtrian delights online, and get delivered for free in Pune

If you hail from Maharashtra or have been living in cities like Pune or Mumbai for quite some time, chances are bright that you are deeply in love with some Maharashtrian delights, like different types of Chiwda, Chakali, Modak, Puran Poli, etc.

Here is your opportunity to get these delights just by placing an order online, and later the home delivery anywhere within Pune is done for Free. Khawakee is a Pune based online store for buying the Maharashtrian Delights. All you need to do is place an order either by using the online form available on the Khawakee site, or you can even place the order via phone (you can get the phone number from the official Khawakee site), later wherever in Pune you want it to be delivered, they do it for Free, no extra charges at all. They accept the payment in cash at the time of delivery.

Order Maharashtrian delights online and get free home delivery within Pune

Khawakee has almost the full range of the festive delights which are a very important part of Maharashtrian families. However they only offer snacks types of items don’t go to Khawakee expecting some main course item on their site.

Khawakee products are prepared in a hygienic environment, and there are several oil free products as well. I am really looking forward to have some Modaks from them soon, as I am really in love with them. So, if you are in Pune, don’t miss to give it a try, seems worth for sure.

Visit Khawakee and place an order now.


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