Popular Cricket Android application is brainchild of two Indians

Free Android app updates about current and upcoming cricket matches

Looks like India is growing at a fast pace when it comes to Android, both in terms of users and the developers of the Android applications. There are Android based phones for almost every phone user segment in India. Android based phones are available with a starting price of few thousand rupees. Also the development of Android applications is moving ...

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Repainting to Change the Car Color to be legalized in India

Car Paint

Ok, this might come as a surprise to you; most of us are unaware of the fact that repainting your Car to a new color isn’t legal in India as of now, did you know this? Well, I didn’t know about it, in fact to be true, even if somebody told that to me without some proper citation, I wouldn’t ...

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List of Government Holidays in India

Get the list of Government Holidays in India

Every year a Circular is issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, which has the list of the Holidays (Gazetted and Restricted), most of the Holidays are for festivals, and in India the dates of the festival is dependent upon the Hindu Calendar and the position of Moon, hence the dates for the same festival keep varying ...

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How to find out the City of Registration for a Vehicle [India]

How to find out the area in which a Vehicle is registered [India] just by the number

Every vehicle has a registration number; the number which we get to see on the number plates of the vehicles is its registration number. The registration number of a vehicle is sufficient enough to tell the area or the city in which the vehicle is registered. Here is an online tool, which can tell you about any vehicle’s area/city of ...

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India to have internet domain names in 7 regional languages

India to have internet domain names in 7 regional languages

India will soon have domain names in regional languages, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), has allocated 7 domain names in the languages Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. And hence, the domain names in these regional Indian languages are expected to go live by the end of this year. As of now, majority of websites ...

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Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari

Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari inpired by Gandhi ji Glasses

Gandhiji Font was launched during the Gandhiji Font Typography Exhibition; the font is inspired by Gandhiji’s Glasses, Typographers from Leo Burnett created the Gandhiji font in Devanagari first and later the font was created for English too. Have a look at how the font looks like –   Looks great, isn’t it? You can download the English and Devanagari, and ...

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Census 2010 indicates a 12% increase in the tiger population

Tiger Count in India improves

The Tiger Census 2010 indicates an increase of 12% in Tiger Population in India. The number of tigers has gone up to 1,706. State which currently has the highest number of Tigers in India is Karnataka with 300 Tigers, and hence Karnataka is now been seen as the new Tiger State of India, whereas Madhya Pradesh stands second with 257 ...

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An automatic Public Toilet Unit to revolutionize sanitation

An e-toilet to revolutionize sanitation

Kerala based, Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is the company which has come up with a revolutionary product, called as ‘Delight’. Delight is an automatic public Toilet Unit, which operates on several modern technologies like, electronics, web and mobile. These toilets will be the paid ones, and as soon as a user wants to enter the ‘Delight’, he/she will have ...

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All Students appearing for IIT JEE to get their marks online

ITT JEE marks of every student to be available online

Admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream destination of every wannabe engineer. The admission to the IITs is made on the basis of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), named as IIT JEE. Earlier, what every IIT JEE aspirant got to know was, if he/she qualified the test or not, if qualified, one was informed about his/her rank in ...

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Teams & schedule of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2011

IPL Logo

Indian Premier League (IPL) fever is back!  After the ICC World Cup 2011, one more event is waiting for you. This is IPL 4, which is going to held in the month of April and May. The opening ceremony and the final match of the tournament both will be held at the Chennai. The tournament is organized by India. There will ...

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