Will you buy The Indian Kindle ?

The Indian Kindle

Two companies in India have developed E book reader which are very much like what Amazon Kindle is. In fact at the first glance you might just mistook it for Amazon’s Kindle but there are bit of differences that adds up. Can you spot the difference : The best part of Wink and Pi is that they support many Indian ...

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By 2020, Breast cancer to overtake Cervical cancer in India

Breast Cancer vs Cervical Cancer India

India is one of the country where the cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer found every day, this is because of the lack of  health knowledge among the Indian women.They are not conscious  about their health. However every Indian women should take part in the awareness campaigns which is conducted by the government. They are also planning the scheme  under  ...

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An initiative to implicate correct Road and Driving Sense

Learn correct Road and Driving Sense with India Driving Schools

India Driving Schools is an online resource, developed and designed with the sole aim to implicate the correct Road and Driving sense among Indians. It  doesn’t provide any service but is a resource to help you learn the precautions, driving guidelines, etc. The information set available here is pretty vast, you can get to know how to drive when its ...

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Where to find the latest Indian Postage Stamps

CWG Stamps

If you collect postage stamps, India Post Official Site has a webpage dedicated for recent postage stamps that are released. This webpage has release date, image, price and brief description of the stamp listed.  Here is the list if Stamps that were released in 2010 and previous year postage stamps are listed on the left side of the page. If ...

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Technospot.in : First Step and Journey so far

Happy Birthday Technospot.in

I cannot forget the August 2009, all I could see in Pune was, people with masks on their face, I remember the day, as it was declared a holiday, due to the Swine flu epidemic, and I didn’t come out of my house whole day as it was not required at all, finally when I went out for dinner in ...

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PEEPLI LIVE Review : Why you will love watching it

Peepli Live

Cast: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuvir Yadav, Shalini Vatsa, Naseeruddin Shah Writer and Director: Anusha Rizvi. Produced by: Aamir Khan ,Kirran Rao My Rating: Four out of Five 4/5 In rare instances does a film deliver everything it intends to show. Peepli Live is undoubtedly a path breaking film. It is the best film made this year. The sufferings of a poor farmer are very diligently portrayed ...

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Free Download Ramadan Kareem Theme for Windows 7

Mosque Free Download Ramadan Theme for Windows 7

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar, and throughout the Ramadan participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual activities from dawn until sunset. Read more… Ramadan, this year started on August 11, and will continue till September 09, if you too want to join the celebration, download the free Ramadan Kareem Theme for Windows 7. It has 8 ...

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Free Download Indian Independence Day theme for Windows 7

Tricolor Free Independence Day Theme for Windows 7

Readers of Technospot.net would have realized about my love for Wallpaper packs, so, as the Independence day is about to arrive, I was hunting for Independence Day wallpapers, and found loads of amazing wallpapers @ SantaBanta.com. I downloaded several of them, and while I was playing around with them by making them my desktop background, I thought why not try ...

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Video of $35 Tablet on Gadget Guru

35 dollar Tablet

If you are lookintg forward on how the 35$ tablet, named Sakshat is, Gadget Guru had HRD Ministe Kapil Sibal Interviewed and tested the tablet themselves. surprisingly the tablet is running on Android and has everything that a tablet needs, right from Wi-Fi to Stylus and virtual keyboard. Kapil Sibal said that this is not for retail now and only will be distributed to Universities which majorly for students ...

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Free Ambulance Facility in Gurgaon

Free Ambulance Facility in Gurgaon

If you are in Gurgaon, and somehow you need an Ambulance immediately, here is the phone number which can help you, 6-111-111, that is the number of SRIMS Emergency. SRIMS Emergency Service Foundation is a non-profit organization – NGO, with a soul aim to provide free life saving emergency medical services. SRIMS services cover Gurgaon, adjoining highways, and 25 neighboring ...

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