Airtel announces New Affordable 3G Plans with Smartbytes

Airtel 3G plans

According to the update available on Airtel Facebook Page,  A new set of plans is introduced  for 3G which definitely seems in the direction  to move people from Edge network to 3G as we already have Airtel’s 4G rolled in some of the major cities in India. What is interesting here is Airtel Says that now they are using Airtel 3G Smartbytes  using which postpaid mobile customers ...

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TRAI rolls out regulation on amount of TV Advertisement

Finally, What I read about TRAI planning to make TV Experience more for serials and enjoyment for end users is coming to reality. Today TRAI rolled out regulation for the amount of advertisement that was being shown in any program. According to my experience it was no less than 50 percent of allotted time for the serial which resulted me ...

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Have a Complaint against your Mobile / Telecom Operator, TRAI have you covered

TCCMS Guide to Telecoms Complaint Query Portal

Its time Telecom Operators in India get ready to server their users even better than before because any negligence, unresolved issues and unheard complaints can now be sent to TRAI directly using the Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System (TCCMS) launched recently. Few months back, TRAI did warned all the Telecoms to treat the consumers nicely and asked them to let consumer talk directly ...

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How will you choose channels in new Digital Cable TV System

TRAI has finally laid down the rules for the new digitization of the Cable TV Operators which will not only bring cheaper solution when compared to other Digital TV Providers like Tata Sky, Reliance etc. This service will be mandatory from 1st of July 2012 in all the metropolitan cities with target of  complete digitization of the country by 2014. Basic Tier ...

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New Auto Rickshaw Fare chart details in Mumbai

Auto Rickshw Fare in Mumbai

Here are the details of the New fare chart of Auto Rickshaw effective from 25th April 2012 which was published over Mid Day news paper. In this post, I have included the image which contains the changed fare rates. I will suggest you to click on the image and download the larger image for better clarity. Though we have a ...

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Airtel Launches 4G in India

Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telecom company in India, and now  the company  has put its 4G plans on the fast track, introducing it today which was supposed to launch the services in Kolkata on March. Bharti Airtel has selected ZTE Corporation to plan, design, supply and deploy its 4G network in Kolkata, which will allow its subscribers ...

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Indian Union Budget 2012 : What became costly and what got cheaper

On Friday, 16th of March 2012, Union Minister Pranab Mukherjee present his 7th union budget 2012 and as Every Indian wants to know whats new in the union budget and how they will benefited by the union budget 2012, below is the list of items which will be costly and things which are cheaper, starting with this new budget. Also Finance Minister, ...

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Bengal Govt introduces ICU on wheels for critically ill infants

The horrific incidents of infant deaths are nothing new in West Bengal. The shocking figures of previous years state a horrendous truth about the condition of infants in the government run hospitals in the state.A number of government run hospitals in the state have witnessed similar haunting experience in the past too. After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, West Bengal ...

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