Tips for buying Pearls


Every women has a fascination for jewellery. Before buying any jewellery we always double check no matter if its made of gold, silver, diamond , platinum or say pearl. Even when they buy any artificial ones they always buy with utmost care. And why not? We all should think twice before parting from our hard earned money. Many of us ...

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How much MNP switching will cost you

TRAI on MNP Charges

Mobile Number Portability is already delayed twice this year though it was supposed to start by April 2010. I dont see any major reason except the 3G launch as mobile users wont be able to switch operators if they are into a long term plan with existing operators and if they did the plan benefits are not passed. Coming back ...

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Anti-Obesity Day : Are you aware ?


Anti-obesity day will be held on 26th of November, its a good and the right time to pay attention and  consider how what we eat today is shaping our nation’s tomorrow. Do you know the meaning of obesity and its effect? Let me help you to know more about it. Meaning of Obesity: Obesity is a state in which there is ...

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Tips on How to buy good Fish

Fish Market

Being a vegetarian I never had the option to go to any fish market and am sorry but it really stinks. After my two hand a half years of marriage in a Bengali family now I  have tried to cook few fishes. Though I have never visited any fish market but when you start cooking something you should about it. ...

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Why you should eat Almond every day


Every Indian kitchen I believe somewhere in the corner must have almond. It occupies the space in your refrigerator also. I prefer to keep it there only so that it can last long. Almond is better seen at least once in a year at every Indian house during Diwali. with other friends like cashew nuts, raisins, pista and other dry ...

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Stop Flu : About flu, its sympotms and how can we stop it.

Stop Flu Movement

Are you aware about the flu ? I am sure after H1N1 Swine Flu we all know but do you know Flu happens all the time in small-scale but we ignore them?  Every day we all heard about the death caused due to the flu but are we conscious? Did you know even regularly washing hands can keep away so ...

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ePost : Sending Paper Mail via Email in India


When Internet was launched in India it changed the entire picture of the communication world. It enabled us to reach the every corner of the globe. But still there are few rural areas where there is no access to Internet and computers. National Informatics Centre (NIC)  came up with a new software and in collaboration with five states launched a service ...

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Facts about Indian Bank Note

One Thousand Note

We have talked about the different shapes of the Indian Coin and the Indian Rupee symbol in our last posts. The RBI has the sole authority in issuing the bank notes and minting the coins. We all know about the different denomination of the bank notes issued in Mahatma Gandhi series since 1996. But have you ever noticed the features ...

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Children’s Day and their Rights under the Constitution

Official Childrens Day Wallpaper

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru or Panditji or Chacha Nehru, he is the first (and to date the longest-serving) prime minister of India, from 1947 until 1964. So it will be more better to call him as an Indian statesman. November 14th is the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is also celebrated as Children’s Day.Nehru Ji loved children and red roses ...

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