Amul Butter cartoons on Latest Issues

Here is the list of Amul Cartoons / advertisement which you see on back of Amul Butter pack. This list showcases the World Cup Octopus Paul, Avatar Movie, The BP oil Spill case, Sachin Tendulakrs Double Century, Amul on Facebook and Twitter and much more. Thanks Rajat. As always you can find the latest from Amul here  where they post their awesome cartoons on latest ...

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Immersion of Idols and Polluting the water – Who is responsible ?

Idol Immersion

Idol worship is the common concept for the Hindu. It might be at your home or can be any festive like Durga Puja or Kali Puja, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja etc. Bengal especially is famous for its festivity and the immersion of the idols is also practiced. But we as a common man have ever thought that the immersions of ...

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India is Top 4th country in terms of Internet Users

Top 20 Countries Internet Users

According to recent study made by Pingdom, Indian ranks 4th when it comes to Internet users but that’s 34% of users in USA which is second and 19%  of China which tops the list. What is interesting to note that Internet is not available everywhere in India like rural areas but still we rank 4th which in turn reflects literacy or internet usage is very ...

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Send and Recieve emails on any Mobile without GPRS

BlacMail Inbox

Emails on the go is now even hot to any person who is internet literate which was only available to corporates before  on BlackBerry. However to get emails on your phone the minimum requirement is to have GPRS on your phone which in simple term is Internet but that might turn out costly because of the high download per kb charges. BlacMail ...

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Simple tips to boost your memory power

Memory Power

Many times I heard that people forget where they placed the book yesterday, cannot remember the relative’s phone number etc.  Many Indian mothers had complaints that theirs kids have the problem of weak memory and get low marks in the examination. This inability of recall simple things is spread widely among today’s stressed world. There are many  reason behind it like stressed, ...

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PayPal Bank withdrawals get suspended again for India

PayPal Notice 28072010

Looks like the speculation of PayPal getting banned again for transfer of money to Indian was right. According to the mail we received late night PayPal clearly says that from From July 29, 2010 onwards, you will only be able to request for a cheque withdrawal of funds from your PayPal account. The email was sent by PayPal Asia Team ...

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SMS facility to stop Ragging cases in Himachal Pradesh

Lodge a complaint against Ragging in Himachal Pradesh via SMS

Himachal Pradesh Police has come up with a new facility to keep a check on Ragging in educational institutions, according to this facility; anybody can seek Police help simply by sending a SMS on 9459100100. Initially this number was being used for receiving the complaints from people in cases of serious crimes, sexual harassment at workplace, accidents etc. but now ...

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How to Watch Indian TV channels live on your Computer or Mobile

Watch Indian TV channels Live on Computer and Mobile

If you are one of those crazy TV fans, and you generally have to miss your favorite TV Shows just because of you are away from your TV set, here is a great solution, Mundu. Unlike other ways (like YouTube and live streaming of TV shows on the official webpage of the TV channels) to watch your favorite TV shows ...

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Fill vacant spaces of the walls of your home with Smart Art

Smart Art Poster Samples

Be it your favourite cartoon or you want to present your child with a poster of his/her image embossed, smart art is the right place where you are. It gives you a chance of gifting really something different to your child or someone special. Smart art has a range of subjects that will definitely help you in finding your choice. Smart art splashes ...

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Spyware on Mobiles can be a problem for Telecoms

Mobile Spyware

Mobiles today are not just to make calls, they come with complete operating system loaded and softwares do run on them which leads to a major problem, Malwares and Spywares and Union Law Ministry, India has suggested a penalty  which is 100% of the contract if found. This news came from Business Standard and it seems like Indian governemt has ...

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