Flipkart : The Indian Amazon ?

Flipkar Indian Amazon

Are you looking for buying the book but have no time go to the  market?Here is the solution of your problem. Purchase the book online and get the discount also. Flipkart, a Bangalore based startup that has launched an online e-commerce store for buying books.Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the  founder of this online books store. They have 3 ...

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Have you selected a Right Job for yourself

Choose a Job you love

We have spoken about carrier services like Mentorpolis and Voicetap  which help in having our carrier selection. But what about the selection of a right job?  While on roles with a company can you ever think of trying or getting a chance for day for your dream job? Many of us are really not satisfied with our present job and think if ...

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How to complain CBI about Central government corruption

CBI Complains

 Yesterday I got an SMS from CBI, which is distributed to all Kolkata users and it says : If any Central Govt emp demands money 4any official work,pls complain to SP,CBI,ACB,Kol on 9051613440 & 033-22894404.Pls vst CBI website www.cbi.gov.in 4 dtls Thats it so now if you have any grievances against any Central Government Employee just post a complain at this number and I ...

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How to search google using SMS in India

Google SMS Sample

In India, internet on mobile is still not so common and in that case when you need to make search on google, How do you go about it ? Thanks to Google SMS service which is availble for many countries including India, now you can type in your query and send sms to recieve updates on your mobile phone. For ...

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Can you Name Hindi Months ?

Hindi Calendar

Today when dad came back from morning walk he asked all of us if we can tell hindi months name like we have January Feb etc in english. We all were clean bold except mom and that became the inspiration of this post. Enjoy. March/April    चैत्र ( Chaitra) April/May    वैशाख ( Vaishakh) May/June    ज्येष्ठ (Jyestha ) June/July    आषाढ ( Ashad ) July/August    ...

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India made Tablet unveiled : Launch 2011

Sakshat computing device for just Rs. 1500

A very low cost computing device, named as Sakshat was unveiled by the Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal in Tirupati. The price of the device is $35, and according to Mr. Kapil Sibal the production of this device will hit the market by 2011, and also the attempts will be made to decrease the costing further i.e. somewhere around $20 or so, sounds amazing, ...

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Keep yourself cool in summer with hygienic ice golas

Indian Gola Ice Crushed

The soaring temperature in Banaras  can get to you, especially if you are traveling during noon.I rembember the day when we went to school in summer  and after school gets over, we were eagerly wait for the gola wala. The gola wala had many flavour,with hundreds of bottles of colourful syrups lining his cart, an ice crusher in the middle and such essentials ...

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Revamp your wardrobe without buying new clothes

Old Sari to New Sari

We get bored of our clothes after wearing them over years. Or it sometimes happens that our wardrobe is full of clothes and yet we don’t have anything to wear. Our pocket does not allow us to buy anything new or we simply do not want to buy anything.  One attire which can be revamped according to our taste without ...

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How To Design Your Own Garment ?

How to design a suite in step

Clothes come in a variety today.Often one does not like something or has something in mins which she wants to wear.It also happens that our pocket does not allow a designer wear or we do not see that particular thing we have in our mind in the market. So the best thing to do is make the garment ourselves!! Here ...

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Is it a good idea to leave problems to children for sometime ?

Latest researches have proved that if the children are left alone with computers or say a difficult mathematical problem they can themselves solve it out and learn how to operate the computer. I know it’s difficult for many of us to accept the fact but that’s the truth. Learning in today’s context has become an emergent behaviour. Children in a ...

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