India to China Export will increase

Exporting to China

China and India is going to be a good duo in the coming years in terms of trading. China has started playing its role in social welfare like higher wages, enabling higher purchasing power and cost competitiveness. As per the U.N. Comtrade, India will account to 28 per cent from 6 per cent of its current export to China. The ...

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Indian SIM Cards might have Digital Signature for Mobile Transactions

Sim Signature Document TOC

According to this document, titled Discussion Paper On “Enabling Digital Signatures On Mobile Phone”,  on Indian Government CCA Website ( Controller Of Certifying Authorities), Indian Government has started their effort to bring Digital Signature in the SIM card itself. Why ?  To make the m-Payment or Mobile Payments secure. We all know how much mobile sector has grown and so ...

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Order Maharashtrian delights online, and get delivered for free in Pune

Order Maharashtrian delights online and get free home delivery within Pune

If you hail from Maharashtra or have been living in cities like Pune or Mumbai for quite some time, chances are bright that you are deeply in love with some Maharashtrian delights, like different types of Chiwda, Chakali, Modak, Puran Poli, etc. Here is your opportunity to get these delights just by placing an order online, and later the home ...

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Things you probably do not know about October 31

SD Burman and Rafi Sahab

If asked about the importance of October 31st in terms of Indian History, you will probably end up mentioning that in the year 1984 Former Prime Minister, Srimati Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two security guards. Since then October 31 has been a mournful day for every Indian. However there are two more important incidents which took place on October ...

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Relaxation from NET and SET by UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a notification on the exemption of National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Eligibility Test (SET) for the applicants who have completed MPhil or PhD and aspires for teaching in colleges and universities. The same has been appreciated by and accepted by the Bengal Government. Many of us due to some undue circumstances fail ...

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Perfect guide to Backpacking in India: The Indian Backpacker

Plan a Backpacking Tour in India

Backpacking has a long history, and it has been popular as a way of low cost travelling. Adventure lovers have often been seen having a great love for the backpacking as well. As the name says, a traveller goes on a tour with a backpack, and as it is a backpack only that he/she is carrying, the commodities in it ...

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Records Guru : An innovative method of managing records

Record Management

The biggest problem of the big companies is to maintain its documents and records. And more important is to make them easily available when required. Many companies hire people and create a team to manage all these. Maintaining the documents, files require huge space and effort. Vinit Chordia in 2008 came up with his Recordguru. He provides a better solution to manage physical ...

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Winners of Giveaway

Handcrafted Customized Nameplate for Giveaway and Tushina organized a Giveaway, and the winners have been decided. Winners are – Manish Atul Verma Congrats!! to you both, the winners will get one piece, i.e. a customized, handcrafted Name Plate for kids. We request the winners to send us the Name and Age of the Kid (whose name you want on the Name Plate), along with ...

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National symbols of India you should know about

National Symbols of India

India is the country where different religions and cultures exist. It is the birthplace of  Hinduism, Jainism, sikhism and Buddhist  which are among the world’s major religion . If we talk about population then, India is the second most populated country after China having the population of 1,150,000,000 (1.15 billion) people.India is called the country where unity in diversity exist.It has  28 states and ...

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