World Breast Feeding week : (August 1-7)

Breast Feeding

 Today,the World is celebrating Breast feeding week ( August 1 -7). Breast feeding is the first thing that every newly born baby wants to do. It  is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from female human breasts  rather than from a baby bottle or other container. Babies have a sucking reflex that enables them to ...

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Send Rakhi in the Exclusive Raksha Bandhan Envelope by India Post

Exclusive Rakhi Envelopes by Indian Post

One of the most popular Indian festivals Raksha Bandhan is around the corner; sisters do the celebration by tying a silken thread (Rakhi) on the wrist of their brothers. If due to some reasons, the brother and sister are unable to meet on this day. Sisters send the Rakhi to their brothers in advance. So the brother can tie the ...

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Delhi Police on Facebook and Twitter [ Time for Online FIR ]

Delhi Police on Facebook and Twitter

Surprising but true, Delhi Police is on Facebook and twitter. They will be using this to fight against the traffic and specially when the CWG is just two months away. Ofcourse the user contribution about where they are stuck will play a major roles. First of all I think we should be thankful to the mobile penetration and internet connectivity and the habit of updating status of almost ...

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E-commerce platform in India soon

Indian railway is the life line of the country where people start their day with travelling in the local train and at night they reached home by that train only. But there are many problem that  always face by the passangers like standing in the long queue for the ticket,wasting of time etc.To keeps these fact in mind Indian  Railway ministry ...

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Mobile Based Remote Control for Agriculture Pumps

Nano Ganesh Technology

India still being an agriculture based country  does not have enough support to help farmers to increase production. Though government is doing their best, it might just take some more time. One of the most common problem a farmer faces is regulating their pump in the farms and at times of rain or any inappropriate conditions, it becomes difficult for ...

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An aggregator to keep you updated about offers on local stores

Get the updates on best deals and offers near you in your inbox

Probably we all are keen to know about the Discounts, Deals and Special Offers which are being offered on Local Stores. Let it be Electronic Items, Furniture, Home Appliances, Cars and Bikes, everything we need in our day to day life, we tend to seek some discounts and offers before buying them. is a Pune based startup, and the ...

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Seems like India will get the $35 Tablet: OLPC ready to help for Free

$35 Tablet Indian Dream to get access to OLPC Technology offers Nicholas Negroponte

Lately we have been hearing and reading a lot about the $35 Tablet, everybody has an opinion about this high end aspiration of Indian Government, some people find it funny, and some are waiting to witness a revolution. Recently, another news arrived, which seems like another solid step in laying the foundation of this revolutionary Indian dream. Nicholas Negroponte, the ...

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Amul Butter cartoons on Latest Issues

Here is the list of Amul Cartoons / advertisement which you see on back of Amul Butter pack. This list showcases the World Cup Octopus Paul, Avatar Movie, The BP oil Spill case, Sachin Tendulakrs Double Century, Amul on Facebook and Twitter and much more. Thanks Rajat. As always you can find the latest from Amul here  where they post their awesome cartoons on latest ...

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Immersion of Idols and Polluting the water – Who is responsible ?

Idol Immersion

Idol worship is the common concept for the Hindu. It might be at your home or can be any festive like Durga Puja or Kali Puja, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja etc. Bengal especially is famous for its festivity and the immersion of the idols is also practiced. But we as a common man have ever thought that the immersions of ...

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India is Top 4th country in terms of Internet Users

Top 20 Countries Internet Users

According to recent study made by Pingdom, Indian ranks 4th when it comes to Internet users but that’s 34% of users in USA which is second and 19%  of China which tops the list. What is interesting to note that Internet is not available everywhere in India like rural areas but still we rank 4th which in turn reflects literacy or internet usage is very ...

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