HUL’s “Khushiyon Ki Doli” – A new Campaign Strategy

HUL Campaign

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) new target for 2010 is to reach – the most happening part of India – the rural India. The latest brand building initiative by the HUL in the rural India is “Khushiyon Ki Doli”. The main motto behind the campaign is to create awareness with the use of technology and engaging the common mass. And Hardaurpur is the ...

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Group2Deal : Pay when the deal is done


I talked about Power of Group Buying in my last article on MyDala, Just went through another of the same kind – Group2Deal and found it to be more interesting and eye catching. The concept is same that you are buying goods or services at discounted price. The best part which I liked here is that you are being charged for ...

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Five ways to clean your Carpets

Clean Carpets

Carpet is one of the important things in home furnishing. Carpet have offer protection, serve as matting, wall covering and add decors to the home .Your Carpet may be look good in your home but  they won’t be once they start to accumulate dust, dirt, and stains .Because of these dirt and dust one may cause allergy or even asthma. ...

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Free photocopies / xerox for the students : PhokatCopy

PhokatCopy A4

Photocopies are very common among students. A lot of money is spent on the printing and photocopies in various colleges and institutions for college or tuition notes. Seeing this Harsh Narang, a 5th  year student in Master of Technology Program, Delhi brings a  great business idea Phokatcopy , which provides  photocopies to student free of cost or at very nominal price ...

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Dos and don’ts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy clothes

Pregnancy is the most important phase in the woman’s life and most exciting experience that a women can ever have. The thought of a small child developing inside the womb is so exicting The life of a woman changes a lot after the child is born. During pregnancy a lot of changes happening in the women’s body and according to them the ...

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Vortex : ATM for Rural India

Low Power ATM

I have hardle seen any ATM which doesnt have an AC running around it and thats one of the strong reasons an ATM is difficult to setup in Rural India because ultimately the cost will be higher but thanks to L.Kannan, CTO and founder of Chennai based Vortex Engg Pvt. Ltd has developed cost-effective, low power and even solar-powered ATM which can be deployed in rural India. ...

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Ek Chidiya : Letting out your holiday home

Ek Chidiya

Many of us in India have a holiday home in our native, a place which can be of great vlaue from tourism point of view or could be located  in a place where one can go and stay for a while and still feel at home. Believe it or not but Anurag and Pallavi quit their job and started their own venture to rented out ...

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Rage Chocolatier : Home made premium quality chocolates

Rage Choclate

When you think of Chocolates there are only few names that comes up, Dairy Milk, Five Star and so on. The chocolate industry in India is of 3000 Crore majorly bagged by the branded companies, market of which are still non shakable and this is where Rashmi Vaswani had dived in with her home made premium quality chocolates, Rage Chocolatier. Started in 2006, Rage ...

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MyDala : Power of Group Buying

MyDala Offers

Many times it happens that our mind and eyes got stuck on some products and we wish to have one. But the soaring price again binds our hands from going into wallet. But Mydala gives you a solution here.  Started in November 2009, Anisha is Founder and CEO of Mydala works on a simple strategy of “power of group ...

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KMC Schools In Pathetic Situation

While going through the newspaper early morning my eyes got stuck in one article. It discussed about the situation of the worst condition of the KMC ( Kolkata Municipal Corporation ) schools. The survey shows that in comparison from 2005 to 2010 there has been only 6000 increase in the number of students’ enrolment. In spite of providing mid day meals, an initiated taken ...

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