Top 10 Indoor plants keep Home Healthy

Areca Palm

We are always conscious about the pollution and discuss about the measures that could control. But have you ever given a thought to the indoor pollutants that are directly affecting our health. Not really. Wait a minute ? I said Indoor pollutants but how does this get into the house first ? The way life style has changed from big ...

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Right to Dress

Calcutta high court ruled that authority of government has no right to fix the dress of teacher. According to the court the dress of the teacher should be decent, no matter whether it is sari, salwar kameez or trousers and tops. The teachers are educated enough and know about the decency of their dress. According to the committee of Gulab Mohini School in 2008, all women teachers have to ...

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RBI increases the cash limit for foreign travellers

Dollar Bundel

 There is a good news for the Indian travellers going abroad. People can now carry foreign exchange up to US $ 3,000(1,35,000) without the prior permission of the Reserve bank of India. Currently the limit allowed was only equivalent to US $ 2,000 (90,000). According to the circular-RBI in a notification issued said it has increased the cash limit for ...

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Is India ready for Future e-bazaar?

E-Bazar in India

India’s largest retailer, Future Group will soon move to digital commerce in a big way. Presently the group is working on Future E-commerce. The products will range from bedspreads to treadmills.   The modes that the group is planning to opt are internet, mobile phones television, and manned kiosks. Under the manned kiosks the customers will be able to browse and ...

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Domestic Workers Rights : You might find it troublesome

Domestic Workers Rights

The Government has accepted the recommendations made by an 11-member task force on domestic workers. The final approval waits from the cabinet to make it a national policy. I know by now you will be eager to know about the recommendation. Below is the chart laying out some of the special recommendation put forwarded by the task force. Yes, don’t ...

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Park & Ride Service by Delhi Government

MMTS Terminal

It’s not surprising to see cars and vehicles in any Metro city taking up half of the road because of lack of Parking areas in the city. This results in delay in work and lot of hassles for every day public which also includes the Government officials. The problem is in the current model of transportation in which a person owning a vehicle tries ...

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Public Hospitals to become Public Private in UP

Public Hospital

The government of Uttar Pradesh is in the process to developing a frame work towards the better health care to the people of the State.The state has developed the strategies for upgrading the health care service in the state. According to the IANS reports the state government decided to hand over public hospital to the private chain under the Public Private ...

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Most popular luxury and shopping destinations

New Zealand

If you are planning to travel for luxury and shopping, then check out the 4 destinations which are the worlds most popular hangouts for both. And as expected it’s also expensive. Also don’t forget to check out the most popular Indian and International travel destinations.   Luxury Destinations: New Zealand It is called the youngest country on the Earth.  Sightseeing, adventure tourism tramping ...

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World Asthma Day : Do you know the symptoms ?

Asthama Day

Every first Tuesday of May is celebrated as World Asthma Day. Started in 1998 the day has gained a global image helping in creating awareness. Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) has lead the theme of 2010 – “You Can Control Your Asthma,” GINA is also planning to start a campaign concentrating on this year’s theme. They target to reduce 50% ...

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