Remember Saheed Diwas ?

Bhagat Singh

On 23rd March 1931 our young heroic leader BHAGAT SINGH along with Rajguru and Sukhdev was hanged. These heroic leaders were hanged a day before the assigned day because the British officials were afraid of the revolts that would have occurred on the appointed day.  March 23 is celebrated at MARTYR’S DAY to pay honor to our great leaders who ...

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Indian Military experts develop Chili Grenade

Indian spices are pretty popular across the world; hence the spicy Indian cuisine is also served in several restaurants across the world. This time the news is about the Indian spice but the mode and area of use isn’t a food. It is about the new weapon developed by Indian Military experts, it is a grenade developed by the scientists ...

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Modify your bike to get Chopper, Dirt bike & Theme based look

Fast and good looking bikes are the universal heartthrobs; almost everybody gets infatuated to them. Probably this is the main reason which has given birth to the concept of modifying the bikes, bike modification allows you to get the custom look, as per your choice you can modify it for almost everything, sometimes even the engine as well. Khalid Shaikh ...

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Ready for March 31st ? Dont forget these

Pay your taxes

Just received an nice newsletter from my Insurance Broker about 10 things you should do before March 31st which is the last day of the financial year in India and people should pay off advance taxes, get the documents in one place, pay service and prof taxes and all those stuff.  Here are the points in summary rest you can ...

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Tired of Slow Downloads ? Get the Airtel Impatientones Plan

Airtel Impenitence Plan

While Telecoms operators are still fighting on for 3G in India,  Bharati Airtel has a plan just right for people who cannot afford to wait longer time to download their important data., impatience Plan is a 4MBPS plan from Airtel which bandwidth cap but very time effective for users who don’t have much usage or have a fixed amount of ...

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All about the great Indian Samosa

Samosa is a popular snack in India, especially in the Northern India; you can find it on every roadside tea stall, small and big restaurants, college canteens, movie theaters etc. A quality Samosa costs somewhere around Rs. 3 – Rs. 5, stuffed with spicy mashed potato and is served with some Chutneys, in some places Samosa is served with Chhola ...

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Learning Hindi? Try these simple games to help you learn faster

Digital Dialects is a website of Language Learning Games, you start with a quick chart of numerals, colors, animals or just a set of general vocabulary words. This chart gives you the English words for each and their Hindi counterparts (Hindi words are actually the transliteration). You need to memorize this list/chart quickly and then take a quiz. Have a ...

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Text-free user interfaces will help illiterate to use computer

Indrani and Subject during Initial Evaluation

Though India had been progressing in many aspects but there is a big percentage of people who are still Illiterate or semi illiterate which makes them handicapped when it comes to using computer or any other digital devices like mobiles and this is what Indrani Medhi, at Microsoft Research India wants to change. Basically into Ethnographic UI Design, she is  ...

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Maharaja Express – A Luxurious Travel arrangement of Indian Railway

Luxury Travel in India

Indian Railway is going to provide a new comfort of traveling for national and International tourists soon after the announcement of Maharaja Express. So get prepared to spend around A Lac if want to travel with Royal comfort. On next Saturday i.e on 20/03/2010 Railway Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee is going to flag out the first Maharaja Express from Kolkata ...

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Pepsi Get Active program : Low Calorie & Less obesity

Diet Pepsi

PEPSI have decided to stop the sell of its sugared beverages in primary and secondary schools by 2012. PEPSI aims to fight against the increasing obesity among the school going children. Pepsi is gearing towards the global campaign of GET ACTIVE programme where they are encouraging towards nutrition education. As per PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indira Nooyi “We have long ...

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