India has a Toilet Museum too

Did you ever know there is a Toilet Museum in India? However I came to know about this today only, so wanted to share this with you all. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is located in Delhi; the objectives of this museum are as stated below – To educate students about the historical trends in the development of toilets; To ...

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Beware of the side effect of Lipstick


Revlon, Elle 18, L’Oreal, Streetwear, Lakme, Maybellin etc. – yes all these name remind you of your favorite lipstick brands which you are using and planning to buy some new shades. Even i do prefer Revlon and Elle 18. But the latest report by Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad has alerted me. The toxic chemical content, lead is ...

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Classroom Etiquettes for Teachers

School children in India

Now the teachers also need to learn etiquettes while speaking to the students. The Church of North India (CNI) has recommended that the teachers while dealing with the students should be careful with the words they throw out. Recent suicides by two students has made the CNI alert about the teacher-student interaction. As per the CNI the teachers need to ...

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Thinking which career to take in India ? Ask Mentorpolis

The present competitive world has made today’s generation responsible to select the right path. And at times we fail to take decision. Either to go abroad for further studies or opt for job? We all need mentors to assist us. Passed the higher secondary and confused what to select next? Or completed graduation and unable to opt the best for ...

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TCS develops Software to teach adults in India

Educating adults India is one of the top level agendas of Indian Government, the program named as Saakshar Bharat is the example to this, will be implemented in 365 districts of the country where the literacy level is below 50 per cent. The focus of the scheme is female literacy. Program aims to make literate 70 million people, of which ...

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Hamleys, a 250 year-old toy retailer from UK comes to India

There are more than 375 million children in India, the largest number for any country in the world, and probably this is the reason which brought Hamleys to India, it was August 2008, Reliance Retail announced the launch of an exclusive Pan India Franchise arrangement with Hamleys, the finest toys in the world. First Hamleys store was opened in Mumbai, ...

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An Innovative idea to answer your questions

Ask Birbal

There have been times when we want our questions to be answered at the same time. You want to know the address of a hospital or just a meaning of some word, or you want to know the list of the best colleges in America or the best restaurants in an unknown city. Youwant to know the oldest website or ...

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Instantly find Blood donors in India

Emergency blood requirement is something we all have faced at some point of time; let it be for a relative, for a friend or for self. The problem which is often faced is either the blood isn’t available for the particular group, or at times the chances are bright, that the blood you are getting is not good enough for ...

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PAN made compulsory for TDS eligible payments

Pan Card

Just received an email from my Chartered Accountant regarding the new section which makes PAN compulsory now.Please read on. Finance Act (2) of 2009 makes PAN compulsory in case of TDS eligible payments. Failing to that, Deductor has to make TDS at a higher rate!! This has been made by introducing a new section 206AA into the Income Tax Act ...

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