How safe is Heena?

Heena Powder

Researches are saying that certain chemical used in Heena is increasing the rate of acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukaemia is commonly known as blood cancer where the bone marrow starts producing abnormal blood cells. Heena also known as mehandi is a common decorative item for females. Even men are at times seen using the same. It is always used on occasions or ...

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Soon the Peacock might go missing from India

Peacock near Do Jati Temple

We all love to see Peacock and love to grab one feather of it to  either put it in our temple or use it to decorate our living room, but do you know that soon you wont find one ? Under Section 43(3) (a) and Section 44 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 prohibits the transfer and sale of peacock ...

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My 10 Tips Before Starting A Day

Plan your day

   Here are few things I do before I start my day and leave for office.  To-do list must be ready every morning before you start your day. Remember that you need to do by EOD. Priorities your task. Which one needs to be done at first? Always set time to your job. At times happen that you end your ...

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NCTE : Birdge Courses to meet national standards


National Council Of Technical Education (NCTE) has given the permission to the primary teachers’ training institutes for conducting bridge course to the students to meet the national standard. Earlier the criterion was two years’ training with eligibility completion of minimum 50% in Class XII. The letter from NCTE has reached to the state school education minister Mr Partha De.   Before ...

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TCS to develop e-Passport for India

Indian Passport

The government of India is planning to issue electronic passport to its citizen. It will  contain a security chip with personal data and digital images, including finger prints of that person carrying such passport and it will have 64KB chip with a photograph of passport holder. The passport will issue in 3 days only. The new passport is entirely designed ...

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Udaipur – City of Lakes [ Rajasthan ]

Maharana Pratap

Mt Abu was such a relaxation, One of my best experience and after staying there for 2 days we were  ready to visit Udaipur which I have read in history is city of lakes. It is surprising that there is so much of water in this city and rest of Rajasthan specially the Thar’s have non. We started at around 8 ...

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Too much Modernization of Schools and Colleges : Good or Bad

Digital Blackboard

Few days ago, we went to watch the movie PATHSHALA Starring  Shahid kapoor, Ayesha takia, Nana Patekar etc. The main focus of the movie is to show how the education system is being commercialized just to increase the profit of the trustees. Few Scenes of the Movie : Schools try to sell goodies like BaseBall to every student though you might just need one or two ...

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Selling Sugarcane Juice is a Good Business for Cane-O-La

SugarCane Juice

Looks like Selling sugarcane juice is not a bad business at all, specially when there is a reason why you should say no to cold drinks and Pepsi has an active program which is asking people to go for Low Calorie. Cane-O-La is a Sugarcane Juice Selling company, in Bangalore,  started by G.Srinivas Rao which branded the sugarcane juice for the ...

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No Entry to Students in Uniform to malls and theaters

Lucknow District Magistrate (DM) Anil Kumar Sagar has banned the entry of school students in school uniforms into malls, theatres, restaurants and parks during school hours with immediate effect. Those found guilty will be charged under section 188 of the IPC. It has been observed that during school hour’s students hang out it the malls, theatres, restaurants bunking the classes. ...

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Top 10 Indoor plants keep Home Healthy

Areca Palm

We are always conscious about the pollution and discuss about the measures that could control. But have you ever given a thought to the indoor pollutants that are directly affecting our health. Not really. Wait a minute ? I said Indoor pollutants but how does this get into the house first ? The way life style has changed from big ...

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