Most popular luxury and shopping destinations

New Zealand

If you are planning to travel for luxury and shopping, then check out the 4 destinations which are the worlds most popular hangouts for both. And as expected it’s also expensive. Also don’t forget to check out the most popular Indian and International travel destinations.   Luxury Destinations: New Zealand It is called the youngest country on the Earth.  Sightseeing, adventure tourism tramping ...

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World Asthma Day : Do you know the symptoms ?

Asthama Day

Every first Tuesday of May is celebrated as World Asthma Day. Started in 1998 the day has gained a global image helping in creating awareness. Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) has lead the theme of 2010 – “You Can Control Your Asthma,” GINA is also planning to start a campaign concentrating on this year’s theme. They target to reduce 50% ...

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Why Say No to Cold Drinks ?

Cold Drinks

Are you aware that high level of phosphate in your favourite cold drink or soda will pace up your ageing? Not only they make decrease your life span but also take you closer to age old problems like chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular calcification. Researches said that there are also chances of your skin and muscle getting degenerate. Research says ...

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Kolkata Police sends SMS for Security Alert

KP Security Alert

Looks like Kolkata is on High Security Alert. I received an SMS yesterday from VK-Klpolice where they say : Do not touch any unidentified object. Inform anything suspicious on 100/1090. You are the eyes and ears of our city. help KP in keeping Kolkata safe First I thought this was some false sms but many of my freinds confirmed receiving the same and hence ...

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Keep same mobile number on International Roaming

Airtel World Sim

Many of us hate receiving calls when we are out of city or country because of the roaming charges we need to pay. What  most of us do is call back the person and save some money if possible. However when you are on international roaming calling back isnt feasible  either.  Another problem that users face is to change of number everytime you ...

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Planning for a Travel ? Check the Most Popular destinations


Every human has passion to travel around the world and enjoy everything in one life and everybody thrives to visit the best Travel Destination to get the most of their money and joy. Here is the list of Most Popular destination 2 from Indian and 2 international which you should not miss. Goa Dream Place for travellers. It has a mixture ...

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Multiwear Jewellery : The Latest Fashion in the Jewellery world

Bracelet chnaging to locket

With the soaring price of gold, people are now more interested in maximizing the use of one piece of jewellery. More Cleary people are now opting for that jewellery that is multipurpose. Rings that can also be used as pendants or say bracelets or necklace that can be also used as bracelets with few adjustments are more in fashion. Pendants that can ...

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Unique ID Authority of India is also joining the lead of the Blackberry

The Government is forcing all the senior employees from Directors, Deputy Director General and additional DGs to use the blackberry to make the job easier.  The coming youths are very much friendly with all the latest technology. It has been observed that those in 60’s are still on the learning verge. To kill this gap and make all realize the ...

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Online services launched by KMC

KMC Services

There is good news for the citizens of Kolkata!!. Now the civilian can conduct  transaction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation online. They offer you the services which is just a mouse click which will definitely prove time-saver with comfort and convenience. No more endless queries and long queues. You can track, and check your transaction with in a second. Following are ...

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Kingfisher Xpress : Same day courier delivery services by Air

Kingfisher Xpress

In today’s fast moving business world, time is often critical. To keep this view in mind, Kingfisher  Xpress introduces  India’s first same day courier delivery services by air.  .If you needs same day delivery services by air for your parcels, documents, or even packages, you need no look further. Here is the solution of your problem. This service ensures that ...

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