Pepsi Get Active program : Low Calorie & Less obesity

Diet Pepsi

PEPSI have decided to stop the sell of its sugared beverages in primary and secondary schools by 2012. PEPSI aims to fight against the increasing obesity among the school going children. Pepsi is gearing towards the global campaign of GET ACTIVE programme where they are encouraging towards nutrition education. As per PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indira Nooyi “We have long ...

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Visiting Chennai? Hire an Auto-Rickshaw & Guide in advance


Samson is an auto-rickshaw driver in Chennai (India), and before you start wondering why I am writing about an auto-rickshaw driver, let me tell you he is not just another auto-rickshaw driver. This guy has his own website to serve his customers well, as such you can’t make any bookings from the website itself, but there you can get to ...

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RBI might suspend PayPal Services again

RBI PayPal

According to Jaimon Joseph, IBN Live, the problems with PayPal in India with RBI is not over yet. With all the drama that happened with PayPal users In India in February, PayPal need to answer detailed questionnaire which was sent to PayPal by Reserve Bank of India. Though the issues was temporarily resolved by introduction of Purpose Code last month ...

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Baba Ramdev and Politics : Will the combo work ?

Politics and Religion

Baba Ramdev who had been teaching and making people healthy around the globe, is now planning to clean Indian Political System after getting his YOGA acknowledged successfully in India & also in various other part of the Globe. After getting the huge success in Yoga world, Baba is now determined to clean the society to reduce the economic difference of ...

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Visiting temples of Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra [ Rajasthan ]

Baba Bhairon

Continuing our Trip of Rajasthan, Today we will visit two more temples, Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra and they are one but last temple of the trip and traveling is easy today just around 185 Km but again We will start early today. We will be holding our night at Ramdevra and we need to find a place to stay there ...

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Free Download Pre-Partition Map of India and several other Maps

Partition of India was one of the most painful incidents on Indian History, the pain of this unfortunate incident can still be felt while talking to some very old people, moreover the biggest issues faced by Indians in current times, Terrorism, is probably the outcome of this incident. Ever thought, what did the Map of India look like before the ...

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Mobile Email device ‘Peek’ in India, Hit or Miss?

Peek is a mobile email (only) device, and has been launched in India in partnership with Aircel branded as Pocket Email on the go. Here are the salient features of the Peek (From the offering page)– Peek is claimed to be a very easy to use device, easy to setup, no complicated settings. The keypad buttons looks very close to ...

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Now work for Facebook, office to start soon in Hyderabad

Facebook Hyderabad

Working with Google, working with Microsoft, working with Deloitte, etc. these are the giants who have their offices in India, and several Indians work there and also contribute in the enormous growth of IT and Business sector. Here arrives another big brand to India, and brings along more job opportunities to Indian IT field. Facebook, a big-big brand name in ...

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Panalties for Doctors accepting gifts [ MCI ]

MCI (Medical Council of India) has outlined a set of penalties for the doctors who accept cash, credit, gifts from the pharmaceutical companies. Any incentive above Rs 10000 will be penalising the doctors. The MCI has framed a set of penalties detail below – As per the President of MCI, Mr Ketan Desai “doctors were not expected to take any ...

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MP Government bans use of scarfs in Bhopal [ Pune next ? ]

From 1st April 2010 women or girls wearing scarves or covering their head will have to pay a penalty of Rs 50 as instructed by the MP government. MP home minister Uma Shankar Gupta trying since three years has finally implemented the order. As a safety measure in 2004 France has ban the use of all obvius religious symbols and ...

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