How to make Brinjal Jalfrezi (Recipe)

If you are interested in some typical Bengali food then here is the right choice that I can offer. If you want to have something spicy, something jhaal ( spicy), then this is the right choice. And I promise that it will make your mouth waters. It’s one of the most preferred menus at my home. In this post, I ...

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Sari: Covers all, yet Reveals all

How to Drape a Sari like a Pro. History of Sari

Ethnic wear, an unstitched fabric of feminine elegance, a sensual attire or a six-yard wonder. Sari can be defined in a thousand other ways round, but in one word, it only represents the traditional culture of India, which has been recognized globally. In this post, we will talk about the history of Sari and also learn how to drape or ...

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Learning Hindi through Charts and Pictures

Learning Hindi Charts Pictures

Learning Hindi is one the most challenging part for people dont belong to India or had stayed away from India right from their birth. Though certain people had self-initiated this kind of process through video but doing it old-style, i.e., Charts, Pictures, etc. creates more impact in my opinion. In this post, I am sharing about a website which offers ...

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Eco-Friendly Indian Flag which can grow into Marigold

Buy Eco-Friendly Indian Flag

While we carry all our patriotism and enthusiasm on Independence Day, there is one thing that has been overlooked from years. The Indian National Flag. It’s not what happens on that day, but what happens after it. All over India, Flag, and miniatures are bought. They are placed on the car dashboard; kids run around with them all day. But ...

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Rent a book in India with doorstep delivery with these services

Rent book india

Those who love to read every day would always look around for new books. While you can always buy books, but for many its a costly affair. That’s where libraries come into place. They are probably the best place for book lovers to closer to their love for books. However, if that’s not feasible for you, here are some online ...

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Looking for Toys on Rent instead of buying one ? Try Renttoys

Rent Toys in India

Toys, Books for kids, etc. are a few things which we all buy for our children when they start holding and understanding the world. Toys not only make children to visualize things but also become a part of their daily life without which they cannot live. As kids grow up, the toys become useless as they lose interest. Generally, these ...

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Where to lodge your complaints and annoyance to Indian Government

GPD Complaints Indian Government

In India, whenever we do feel like complaining either, we end up in expressing in words to friends. If there is something important, we try to get it done someway. It is possible to file complaints about any department to the Indian Government. Here is how you can do it. How to file complaints and annoyance to the Indian Government ...

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Tiranga.Net : The right place to know about Indian Flag

Facts Indian National Flag Tiranga

Tiranga, The Indian National Flag, was born on July 22, 1947, to became the national flag of free India and was given to the whole country along with the resolution on that day. Though we all know what Tiranga is, we hardly know how it came to existence and other aspects of it. Yes, we did study in school, but ...

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H1N1 Swine Flu: Symptoms, Precautions and helpful links

Swine Flu Symptoms Precautions

I got a call from a friend who lives in Himachal Pradesh, and he suggested me to use a mask while going outdoors. Later I got to realize that my city has been hit severely by H1N1 virus or Swine Fly. Another statement from the friend came as “It is incurable.” That’s not the case. H1N1 is curable, using a ...

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India Wood Crafts: Online store to buy Wooden Indian handicrafts

Indian Woodcraft

Indian Handicrafts and Woodcraft are famous for its beauty and uniqueness. We usually buy them when you are on travel, or at some festival, but then that’s not possible all the time for everybody. Here is a website which you can use to buy wooden Indian handicrafts online. India Wood Crafts: Online store to buy Wooden Indian handicrafts Indian Wood ...

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