PahalGaon and Local sightseeing -Trip to Srinagar Part 4

As planned today we are on Day 4 of Srinagar Trip. Today we will be moving to the beautiful Kashmir Valley in the Anantanag district of Kashmir.  It is a good idea to start early as its is going to take more time ( 2 to 3 hours ) to travel. The distance is about 100 KM from Dal Lake.

Green Mountains of Pahalgaon

Green Mountains of Pahalgaon

After reaching Pahalgaon you will need to hire horses so that you can move up to mountains and se the Kashmir valley. In total the horsemen would show few places like :

  • Hunting Place
  • Kashmir valley
  • An open space which is used for movie shooting. It is just a big space with greenery all the side and you would love the view.

Pahalgon is an excellent place for tracking, rafting, sking and horse riding both. I remember when were getting on the mountains on horses I almost felt like falling looking at the steep it had. The horsemen took us through such narrow roads, only horses could walk on it.

There is small hunting hideout on the way to Kashmir Valley. This place was used by one of the kings during summer. They said Wild bears are very common in pahalgaon but we were unlucky to cite any of them.

Hiding Place used for hunting

Hiding Place used for hunting

Kashmir Valley is was the best part of the experience. The view of Kasmir valley is so awesome you would fall in love with it. We did not miss to capture that in our camera and below is what we experienced.

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley

Then comes the open fields which is very famous for Bollywood movie shooting. This place is all green and best if you want to do horse riding at a speed. Yes you can run across the fields and enjoy it a lot. Also here you wold find some food if you feel hungry. If you are lucky catch up with the Sheeps here get them on your shoulders. Trust me you would just enjoy it.

pahalgaon open space

Pahalgaon open space

Ashish holding a sheep

Ashish holding a sheep

Pahalgaon has lot more to see than what we have talked. Since did not have much to spend we did miss local sightseeing which can take one complete day for it. We would suggest to stay an extra day at Pahalgaon to enjoy it more. This ends our Day 4 of Srinagar Trip.

Day 5 Local Shightseeing around Srinagar :

There are few spots around Dal Lake and Srinagar like

  • Chashma Shahee
  • Pari Mahal
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Mugal Garden
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Hazratbal

Of which dont miss Chasma Shahee and Shalimar garden. Dont forget to carry empty bottles to Chashma Shahee. bring back the water filled in with water there which is not only pure but can cure your stomach problems also.You can either talk to the same person whom you hired for the complete trip or take a local auto for this.  Here are few pictures of all the places joined we collected.

This ends our 4-5 day trip to Srinagar. Remember this is not the end and there could be lot more which can be  seen around Srinagar but when you dont have much time but a week this is the best plan you would have. Also dont miss out to read our experience at  Dal Lake ,Sonmarg and Gulmarg.

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