Panalties for Doctors accepting gifts [ MCI ]

MCI (Medical Council of India) has outlined a set of penalties for the doctors who accept cash, credit, gifts from the pharmaceutical companies. Any incentive above Rs 10000 will be penalising the doctors. The MCI has framed a set of penalties detail below –

Prescription for Doctors

Prescription for Doctors

As per the President of MCI, Mr Ketan Desai “doctors were not expected to take any incentives from pharmaceutical companies but it was difficult to impose a time bar on incentives.”

The word incentive ultimately is bribe which many doctors take to promote medicines and other products of the company. India is the first country to impose such rule but does that justify the act of accepting gifts in any form? MCI is objecting on accepting bribe above Rs 1000. So do they mean that it is okay if the doctors accept below that amount?

The flaw in this regulation is how many number of incentives below 1000 can be accepted why did not MCI finalize that too ? Moreover how MCI does plans to control and keep a watch on each and every doctor is a big question.

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