Pay Traffic Fine and Case Payments Online in Howrah

Howrah Police has implemented their website very well. Not only they have all the information documented well on their website, but they have also implemented a Citation Case fee or the Fine through Visa or MasterCard or any other mode of payment. It frees the fine payer from the hassle of paying the fees and visiting the Traffic Office to confirm with the slip. You can pay the Traffic fine and case Payments Online in Howrah via NetBanking, Credit Cards, Wallet or UPI.

The site also offers you to book Prepaid taxi service, check Vehicle prosecution status, and so on. Do remember, if you pay the challan within 15 days of the case, it can be settled online. If you exceed that date, you will need to go to Howrah court to write it off. Remember that challan by Howrah police can only be paid through Howrah Polic website.  If your challan is from Kolkata police, please find the details here.

Pay Traffic Fine and Case Payments Online in Howrah

Pay Traffic Fine and Case Payments Online in Howrah

Go to the Howrah Traffic Police Official Website. There should be an option to “Pay Traffic Fine Online.” Click on it. It will take you to the disclaimer page where it will ask you to make sure to add correct entries at required places. Here you have two options:

  • Proceed for Payment with E-Challan
  • Directly Proceed for Payment

Proceed for Payment with E-Challan

This option should be used by vehicle owners who have details of Chassis no.

  • It looks like a login page where you need to enter Vehicle No and Chassis No (last four digits).
  • It will then list all the cases registered against the Vehicle no.
  • You can then click on pay for each of these Challans, and make the payment.
  • Next, click on the Pay button to go to the payment portal.
  • Fill in card details or use any other payment gateway.

Reprint Payment Receipt for Traffic Challan

Once the payment process is complete, you will acknowledgment details which you should take a print out and keep it in your records. These details are available for each traffic violation are as follows:

  • Challan No
  • Challa Date
  • Owner Name
  • DL No
  • Driver Address
  • Vehicle No
  • Mobile No
  • Paying Amount

2) Directly Proceed for Payment

When you choose this, it will directly take you to the payment page. The only drawback here is that you need to fill in all the details manually. The details include Compound/Citation Slip No, Your Name, Phone number, email id, and address. It is useful if somebody else is making the payment for the traffic fine, and doesn’t have vehicle details.

How to Reprint Challan for a case and fine in Howrah

If you want to reprint the challan, visit the payment login to the website of Howrah Police. It will list all the cases, pending or settled. Each case has the option to download Payment receipt, Challand PDF, and Offence details. Offense Details lists down all the Offence types and the fine for each offense.

Reprint Payment Receipt for Traffic Challan

HowrahTraffic Police doesn’t have an app through which you can make payment. Many of the vehicles get Citation cases, and it is best to keep checking once in a while and pay the fines.



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