Perfect guide to Backpacking in India: The Indian Backpacker

Backpacking has a long history, and it has been popular as a way of low cost travelling. Adventure lovers have often been seen having a great love for the backpacking as well. As the name says, a traveller goes on a tour with a backpack, and as it is a backpack only that he/she is carrying, the commodities in it are on a minimal level, rest all is optional, a backpacker generally doesn’t have a very well organized travel plan, they often don’t have a booking in a hotel in advance, mode of travel too isn’t very superior one, some even prefer to walk or ride a bicycle, etc. You can read more about Backpacking here on the Wikipedia page.

Well, if you are in India or you want to go on a Backpacking, here is a resource which can be extremely helpful. The Indian Backpacker is an Indian startup which specializes as a guide to backpacking and the services related to Backpacking.

Plan a Backpacking Tour in India

Visiting the website and browsing it will help you understand a lot about backpacking, like what all things should be kept in mind during a backpacking tour, what kind of clothes should you wear, dos and don’ts during tour, best time to Backpack in India etc.

The new adventure section is there which can be used to contact The Indian Backpacker for the detailed information of adventure trips like bungee jumping, rock climbing, adventure camp etc.

The ‘Bookings’ tab allows you to book the bus tickets for your tour. The Indian Backpacker also claims to launch several new services soon, so if you are looking forward to spend your holidays in a different unconventional style, go ahead visit The Indian Backpacker, and keep checking as the new services are expected to launch any day.

Happy Backpacking 🙂

Visit The Indian Backpacker


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