Piaggio’s Vespa to re-enter Indian Market soon

This seems to be great news, especially for all the Scooter lovers.  Piaggio is al set to re-enter the Indian two-wheeler market with their Scooter brand name Vespa.

I might sound funny and probably unrealistic to you, but trust me; there are people (apart from ladies) who still love Scooters over Bikes, also the friend (Bhanu) who gave me the tip about Vespa’s Relaunch is die hard scooter fan, when it comes to two-wheelers, he knows only about two, first, The Royal Enfield and second his old LML Vespa NV.

If you too are a Scooter lover, get ready to Welcome this small heartthrob, Vespa LX 125 in India by 2012.

Vespa LX 125 to be launched in India soon

This Scooter has been especially designed for Indian Roads and conditions, and the company will setup a plant for production capacity of 1,50,000 units annually.

As of now company hasn’t disclosed any pricing for Vespa LX 125 in India.

So, if you too wanted a Scooter, and were planning to buy one soon, maybe you can wait for the arrival of Vespa 125 LX.

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  1. Although more the merrier, new features have to be added. Better if it is electric, more so if it is solar oriented, otherwise it is WE TOO RAN !

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