Plan your Movie and Food in one shot : Kitne Baje

Planning for an evening movie and then for a romantic dinner  and You dont want to wait for long queue then Kitne Baje is here to help you out.

Kitne Paje

Availble in 10 cities in India, this service lets you plan as mentioned below :

  1. To find movies in your city,
  2. Comapre ticket rates among multiplexes.
  3. Book your favorite movie tickets  Online
  4. Search for Restraunts and food joints
  5. Make online reservation in hotels

and finally makes it easy for you to have anice and peaceful movie and food. Perfect!!

Launched by Kolkata based IIM graduate, Siddharth Goyal makes it easy for you to book movies and restraunts seat. This service covers Kolkata,Bengaluru,Delhi,Mumbai,Pune,Faridabad,Ghaziabad,Noida,Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

This service also has huge contribution of reviews of movies, restraunts by many people which also helps you to find how the movie is and how much the restraunts fits for you.  If you are in Kolkata, Along with this you can try checking out Menus of Kolkata Restraunts for choice of food.

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