Plants you can choose for your bathroom

Bathroom plantsOver the past few years, the bathroom is one room in the house that has gone under the various changes in India. Some house owner may flourish their fancy bathroom with counter top made up of semi precious stones and with expensive gadgetry, but every one cannot afford to change’s their bathroom with the expensive accessories. However Plants can be used with a theatrical flourish to give a bathroom decor fresh life by putting a single striking plant in a corner depending to the size and space of the bath room.

Choosing the plant for bathroom is a challenge

 In order to choose the best houseplant for your bathroom you have to consider the environment your bathroom offers. Most importantly is lighting. If your bathroom has low light levels, which many do, be sure to choose a plant with low light requirements. Like mentioned above, many houseplants require high humidity levels, therefore do not choose a plant that does not like high humidity levels.

So here is the list of the plant which can be used in the bathroom environment.

  • Chinese evergreen: They are durable, dramatic houseplants. They will adapt to a variety of settings within their limits. Chinese Evergreens are slow growing in nature, however when taken care of can last for decades. They are excellent and easy to grow house plant.
  • Ficus: It is among the most well-known of indoor plants. Primarily houseplants, all types of Ficus do require some proper care in order to survive and to thrive. While not very difficult to care for, it is important that you know the basics in order to get the most from your plants. The longer you can leave it in the same pot, the better it is.
  • Chlorophytum: It can stand almost in any condition along with their leaves which has the length varies from 11 to 15 inches makes handsome plant for bathroom. They send out the wiry stem linked with white flowers and can be used in hanging baskets to their best advantage.
  • Peace lily: It has dark green leaves that can be more than one foot long. The plant is full and uniform, and according to experts it changes sight constantly, which is the reason that it is an interesting plant to look at.  The peace lily has white flowers. It does not need to special care and one of the easiest plants to grow at house. Read more

Plants in hanging containers suspended from protruding brackets cannot only save space but also offer beauty at eye level. So if you want to decor your bathrooms you do not need to spend a lot of money, just take these natural plants and do up your bathroom naturally. What do you think? Share your suggestion with us..


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