Public Hospitals to become Public Private in UP

Public Hospital
Public Hospital

The government of Uttar Pradesh is in the process to developing a frame work towards the better health care to the people of the State.The state has developed the strategies for upgrading the health care service in the state.

According to the IANS reports the state government decided to hand over public hospital to the private chain under the Public Private Partnership scheme.

Highlights :

  • Fifty per cent of the beds of these hospitals will be for the free patients with the priority given to the people living below poverty line. The charges of remaining fifty per cent beds will be decided by the private health care companies.
  • However, if the private companies introduce new beds and medical facilities, 25% of these should be leave for the free service or for the poor people. These free services include all the medical facility and the incentives.

The health department of the state propose to start the process by handling few public hospitals to the private hands. Initially, the process is starting in the four city-Allahabad,  Kanpur,  Basti and Firozabad.

This Public Private Partnership scheme progress a better health care infrastructure in the state and to enable more poor people get benefit from the Public Private health care facilities.

According to the proposal : The policy to promote public private partnership scheme in health care activity has attracted nine investors with potential investment. Some of them are  Appolo, Max and Fortis are the prime takeovers for the agreement. Apart, from the District hospitals 8 community health care,23 primary health centres and  210 sub health cares centres will be transferred to the private health care companies. The responsibility of the private partners  to undertake civil work, operate and the management will be for period of 33 years.


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