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If we talk about online shopping sites, no doubt the list is huge, and you can get several products delivered at your door step easily without leaving your cozy bedroom.

I recently came across this online shopping site 24hoursLoot which in my opinion is an awesome shopping site, the concept here is pretty different.

24hoursLoot opens a shopping deal at midnight (deals are referred as ‘loot’ here), this loot is generally open for 24 hours, i.e. till next midnight, provided that they don’t run out of stock by selling the whole stuff before midnight, and if the products are sold before midnight, next loot opens at midnight only.

Products launched here are not of some specific category, they could be t-shirts, mugs with personalized messages, an electronic gadget etc.

Best part of 24hoursLoot is, they offer the products at a very cheap rate, have a look at this snapshot that features past loots at 24hoursLoot.

Past Loots at 24hoursLoot

After reading all this, you might be wondering about the product quality, let me tell you I bought a t-shirt from 24hoursLoot, for Rs. 139 only and the quality gave me an impression of having an awesome deal in Rs. 139. Yes the quality is awesome.

They also have a money back guarantee, you can view all the info their FAQ section. You can also win a free t-shirt from them, all you need to do is leave a message which can be printed on a t-shirt, and if they like it and decide to print and launch a t-shirt with that message, you get one free.

For buying a product, you can choose to pay by Paypal, Credit Card, or online Banking account, COD (Cash on Delivery) isn’t available as of now, but they are soon to launch the COD feature for Pune and Mumbai.

So, go ahead and keep an eye on then loots, you might end up getting a great deal soon, All the Best J

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