R-Fi mobile updates about your kid’s school activity

Now a day’s education put too much pressure on student as well as on the parents. As far as education goes it becomes more competitive and every parent expects that their child could do better. For the progress and the success of the child parents willing to do any thing.

 To keep this fact in mind an IT company Pinnacle Teleservices has launched an application that will enable parents to get updated about the activity of their school going children on their mobile. The Product is called R-Fi.

According to the company-The product, called ‘R-Fi’ or Radio Frequency Identification, will utilise long-range radio frequency technology to read the photo ID cards of the kids and as they pass beneath the doorways or through the main gate of the school.

R-Fi tech

The device helps the parents to get the regular information and updates about their school-going kids on their mobile phones, along with other relevant information from the school like notices and circulars.

Features of R-Fi

  • R-Fi is  High Performance Handheld Reader with Economic Cost.
  • Offer the potential for radical process improvement
  • Provide strong potential for improving efficiency, productivity
  • Offers better control over inventory
  • Proper management of resources
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance and record-management

Find more about R-Fi here.

The application will be prove beneficial to the Indian parents as well as the school administration also. It will fill the communication gap between the modern parents and the school management. In addition, it will provide peace of mind to parents as they will be getting regular updates about their kids and the day-to-day activities in the school. The cost of the service range from RS.600 to RS.1000 per year.


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