Ready for March 31st ? Dont forget these

Just received an nice newsletter from my Insurance Broker about 10 things you should do before March 31st which is the last day of the financial year in India and people should pay off advance taxes, get the documents in one place, pay service and prof taxes and all those stuff.  Here are the points in summary rest you can download the image and read.

  • Submit the proof of investments / expenses
  • Proof of House Rent allowance.
  • Collect bank Statement and TDS certificates
  • Collect Home Load Certificates
  • Collect Form 16 and 12BA from previous Employers
  • Collect valid receipt for donations
  • Obtain receipt for health insurance premium
  • Records for Interest on educational loan.
  • Calculate Capital gains
  • Find out the Tax you need to pay.
Pay your taxes
Pay your taxes


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