Records Guru : An innovative method of managing records

The biggest problem of the big companies is to maintain its documents and records. And more important is to make them easily available when required. Many companies hire people and create a team to manage all these. Maintaining the documents, files require huge space and effort. Vinit Chordia in 2008 came up with his Recordguru. He provides a better solution to manage physical and digital records for its clients.

Recordsguru Information Management has a dedicated warehouse where the documents and files are safely and secretly kept. Their multi image backup helps them to store all the digital images and data. Don’t worry. You can access all your records from anywhere in the world through a dedicated portal. All you need to have is your username and password.

Record Management

Many companies might not have proper facility and space to maintain the files. There are chances of misplacing and mishandling them or getting destroyed due to natural calamities. Recordsguru Information Management expertise’s is solving your entire problem. The physical documents are stored in a secured warehouse adequately equipped with camera and security. There is a rack system which can withstand up to 15 kg files each. The physical documents are barcoded. All you need to maintain is an index of your files on the website.

Recordsguru Information Management charges for the documents stored in the warehouse on a monthly rental per box. For the digital documents or images rent is been charged per 1 GB.

Recordsguru Information Management serves you by – “Document conversion, imaging and online access via our secured website with the help of our powerful search engines, designed specifically for each of our clients.”

For more details please visit : Records Guru 


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