Register your FIR / Complaint by sending SMS or on Phone

After the  grand success of women police helpline,  now the  Patna Police has launched a telephone helpline at the district headquarters to register complaints through either a call or an SMS.You can register your complaint with the Patna police by sending SMS.

If you are not able to file your complaint at the local police station for any reason, You can call 9470001389 and then file a complaint. There is a dedicated team of Policemen that will look into and they are under the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

Women complaints helpline:

On 1st of March 2011,  Patna police launched the women complaint helpline. The helpline number is  9470001390. This  has become very popular and gain  a remarkable success among the people of Bihar.

According to the data:

There was total of 378 cases register with the women  helpline out of which 300 cases were solved with in three months. The cases are related to the harassment of women, eve-teasing and domestic issues all are related to women.

Advantages of the register complaint through SMS:

  • It saves the time as well as money of the people.
  • It help the people who don’t need to be physically present at a police station to lodge their complaint any longer.
  • It is convenient steps for the senior citizens.

So what do you think about this service of Patna police?


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