Rent a book in India with doorstep delivery with these services

Those who love to read every day would always look around for new books. While you can always buy books, but for many its a costly affair. That’s where libraries come into place. They are probably the best place for book lovers to closer to their love for books. However, if that’s not feasible for you, here are some online services in India from where you can Rent a book in India with doorstep delivery feature.

Rent a book in India with doorstep delivery with these services

All of these services are online libraries. You can buy a subscription, get one or more books every month, someone can pick up and deliver new books to you.

  1. Padega India
  2. Door Step Books
  3. Just Books
  4. Pustak Kosh

Just like how you take good care of the bought books, make sure you do it here as well. Its nothing but an online library.

1] Padega India

This service offers the option to buy, sell, rent, and donate second-hand books of all kinds. You can choose studies book or anything else like novels. The best part is that they provide an option for the customer to evaluate the book, physically at your doorstep, before paying.

According to the website, the cost to rent books is up to 55% of the original price of the books. It is evident that when you buy books for studies, you need to take good care of it as it will be returned. In case of damage, you will have to pay the damage fees or replacement costs depending upon the condition of the book.

Padhega India Book Rent Service

While there is no subscription plan, If the longer you keep a book, the less discount you can get. When you rent a book for three months, you get a 55% discount, while for six months you get 45% and for 12 months it is 40%. When you get a book, you pay the full price. The discounted amount is refunded when the book is returned.

You can enquire about a book via SMS which makes it even more attractive.



Find out how you can rent and enquire about a book

On the lighter note, they should have a tag line –Padega India, tabhi to agey badhega India.

2] Door Step Books

It’s a subscription-based service where you can search for books online, order it, get it delivered and return whenever you want. There is no restriction on how long you can keep a book as long as your subscription is active. You can save a queue of the books in your account, so it gets delivered when the earlier one is picked up.

Rent book india

The service is available in the majority of the cities of India, but before you select a membership plan, you need to confirm it. Once done, you can choose between the following programs:

  • Solo Reader-1 Book per Month-1 Book per Delivery
  • Casual Reader (Kol & Hwh)-3 Books per Month-2 Books per Delivery
  • Avid Reader (Kol & Hwh)-6 Books per Month-2 Books per Delivery
  • Passionate Reader (Kol & Hwh)-Unlimited Books per Month-2 Books per Delivery

The charges may differ based on subscription length and the city. So make sure to check it on their page. They do ask for a refundable deposit, and registration fees when you signup for the first time.

Visit the website

3] Just Books

Similar to Door Step books, Just Books offer but offers simple subscription service. You can choose X number of books for Y number of months, and you pay the rent for that.  The more books you pick, the less you pay.

Rent book india

While deliveries are free for or members who sign up online, they also have physical stores. If you Signup there, you get one or two free deliveries a month depending on the duration of the membership. For any additional deliveries, there is a nominal charge of Rs. 25 per delivery.

Here is an interesting fact if you choose to take a break, in between your subscription period from reading, for some time.

  • Twelve months subscription offers a free break of two months.
  • Six months subscription offers a free break of one month.
  • Rest will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 50 per month.
  • For any additional pause in membership, members will be charged a nominal fee of Rs. 50 / month.


4] Pustak Kosh

Based out of Noida, Pustak Kosh is dedicated to students who can save up to 60% to 75% of the actual coursebook. Once you have found your book in their online catalog, you can order for it in multiple ways. The options include calls, Facebook, or from their pickup hubs.  As they are focused on Students, their books are well categorized as per the curriculum, and departments. You can also use this service to sell books so it can be reused for those who need it.

Pustak Kosh Rent Library

Check out, Pustak Kosh. 

I am sure there are many other online services which offer Rental Service for books. If you know any, leave us a comment below.


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