Rent a Party wear, save your money and donate for a cause too

Having tough time to decide on your outfits for the party tonight, and don’t want to repeat the dress you wore in last party? What do you do in such case, naturally, you will either have to make a choice from your cupboard or you will have to spend a real good amount to buy a new dress. Mumbaikar’s (read – ladies in Mumbai) have another option open for them.

Sonia Mehra of Dial a Dress rent a party wear Mumbai

Sonia Mehra, Mumbai based Fashion Entrepreneur has come up with an awesome solution, named as Dial-a-Dress. Ladies can now rent a dress from Sonia Creations (Sonia’s Boutique), which is located at Bandra (W), Mumbai. All you need to do is, rush to her boutique, select a dress from the section which has the dresses to be rented out (it isn’t like every dress that is being showcased at Sonia Creations is available on rental basis), later you will be asked make a payment, certain part of this payment is refundable when you return the dress to Sonia Creations, the amount refunded depends upon several things like the charges involved in making that particular dress ready to be rented out again, like laundry charges, and other apparel care solutions, etc. you can rent the dress for couple of hours to couple of days, as per your need.

You can also call on the Dial-a-Dress at +91993004557, and get the dress on rent, delivered to your doorstep. The range for a dress on rent starts at Rs3,000 for short dresses, Rs8,000 for cocktail gowns, Rs12,000 to Rs16,000 for saris and about Rs25,000 for Lehengas.

Using Sonia Creation’s Dial-a-Dress definitely sounds a great idea in terms of saving your money, another factor associated to Dial-a-Dress service, which will boost your feel-good factor is – a sum of Rs.500 is donated by Sonia against every rented out dress to an organization which is involved in a research on Breast Cancer. Sonia is looking forward to work with NGOs, if you work with a NGO, and try contacting her, she says “I want to work with NGOs, and support them, provided they actually work for cause, and aren’t just a working group on papers.”

Everybody wants to be fashionable and hence people are ready to spend money on fashion. Precisely, Fashion sells, so use it to promote a cause as well. That’s the line of thought on which Sonia works. Sonia also runs a company named as Tridossa, which is working on a research which is all about creating organic clothes. These clothes will not only be free from any kind of chemical process, but will also help in curing ailments like Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Hats off to Sonia, for all that she is doing, a new business concept, an urge to promote a cause, redefining the concept of apparels and outfits (getting a help in curing the ailment by the types of clothes you wear), Sonia definitely deserves a huge round of applause, we wish Sonia all the best!!

Address –

Sonia Creations
Office no. 4, First Floor,
Jain Arcade,
Above Saroj and Glanz fabrics,
Near Costa Coffee,
Khar-Dhanda road, Bandra West, Mumbai 52

Image courtesy : Fame Fashions



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