Reva : NXR and NXG models to be launched in India by 2010

After the GM India and Reva Electric Car Company agreed for a Joint partnership, the company has also announced to launch of its model the NXR and NXG those were recently unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and will be launched in India by 2010-11.

Reva NXR is a fully automatic (No clutch, No gear) three-door, four-seater hatchback family car that is suitable for urban driving. The car runs on batteries and unlike most other electric vehicles has an onboard  charger to facilitate easy charging. It can be plugged into any 15 amp socket at Home or Work. Top speed is 104 kph with a range of 160 km per charge of around 7 hours. If using the 90 minute fast charge which consumes only 9 unit of electricity, the Reva NXR offers an effective range of 320 km a day. A quick charge for 150 minutes will provide a 65 km range. The Base model of the car is priced around 2.98 Lakh.

Reva electronic car

Reva electronic car

According to Mr.Chetan Maini, deputy chairman and CTO, of Reva Electric Car Co, “The NXR is slated to be launched around the Auto Expo in January, while the NXG would be unfold in January 2011. Mr Maini had to work with satutory institutes and the automative research association of India (ARAI) for two year for setting the standards for testing electric cars in India.

As per Mr Maini  with an 80Km drive per charge,it makes for a good cost structure.This translates to about 1.98 Lakh over a five year period and its even more entising when coupled with the Reva’s low maintenance cost.

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