Revamp your wardrobe without buying new clothes

We get bored of our clothes after wearing them over years. Or it sometimes happens that our wardrobe is full of clothes and yet we don’t have anything to wear. Our pocket does not allow us to buy anything new or we simply do not want to buy anything. 

One attire which can be revamped according to our taste without even cutting or much struggle is the 5 and a half meter long fabric called a Saree.This can be either our own sari or maybe even your mothers or grandmothers. A wide variety lies in front of our eyes. 

The first option which many people use is change the blouse. Give it a different fabric blouse in a contrast colour or same colour according to the trend. Give it a smart cut to make it look appealing. Add some accessories if you are fond of it. 

Use Jwellery like Latkan

If your sari is a plain saree, simply get it printed, add in a border or add in some different fabrics according to your choice. If you have enough time in hand get some embroidery done. It’s not that embroidery is expensive. Get machine embroidery done if hand embroidery does not fit into the budget. 

Old Sari to New Sari

A plain sari can also be dyed in any colour we want to. Preferably dye a light sari into dark. to get a good result. 

How to give South Silks or Benarisis an absolutely different look ?

First thing to do in that is change the blouse. Give it a nice velvet or brocade blouse-that itself would give it a very different look. All of them have borders either wide or thin. Emphasise on the border with the help of zardosi work or sequens work. Add some pattis on to it.

Same procedure should be followed on in the Palla.Another option could be get a nice gold print done on the plain part of the sari and just add in the pattis to the palla and the bottom of the entire saree (where the fall is attached) This would be the fastest and cheapest way. 

People get bored of their printed crepes and georgettes which they have worn over  a period.These days a simple pure georgette printed saree comes for nothing less than Rs 1800..Why chuck them?Just get a little highlight work done..change the blouse if you want to..add in some tassels and the saree is an absolute new one without putting in the price of a new one.

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