Right to School and The Problem

Education is finally a fundamental right in India and any child between 6 to 14 is entitled for schooling. This is definitely a ray of hope for all the children who are left uneducated in the country by the UPA Government but probably we are missing a big point. Economy and the Poor.

Problem #1

Shoe shining Kid
Shoe shining Kid

More than 60% of India is still under a line where education is not the point but to live their lively hood is what comes first.  Have you been in small dhabas or road side tea shop ? If yes you must have seen how kids work there and it’s not by their or their parents choice. None of the parents would want their kids to work like this and spend their childhood into work but if they don’t, they cannot support their family and pavé their way to future.

Problem # 2

The mechanism of getting these children into school and providing them with food, infrastructure, clothes and convince their parents is still not so clear. In spite that it will be sponsored how do the government guarantee that it will not fail like the Food Plan for every kid in villages was started few years back. There are a major corruption which came into picture.

I am pretty sure the government will come with a stronger plan but the idea is to run it in long term to get children their rights without corruption and with clear vision.


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