Get Ripe Mangoes Delivered at your doorstep

Mango is probably the most popular fruit in India; you can find Mango Lovers in almost every Indian family. Here is a service, Dial – a Mango, service is started by Mumbai based Raj Impex (a company which focuses in importing and exporting a variety of fruits and vegetables).

All you need to do is dial a phone number and order the Mangoes, and soon the Mangoes will be delivered at your doorstep.

The number to be dialed is 022-23435196, as far as the payment is concerned you can either give a check or cash at the time of delivery.

Dial - a Mango Service

Dial – a Mango serves scientifically ripened mangoes and all seasonal Indian as well as imported fresh fruits.

Online ordering facility is also available, you will have to fill up an enquiry form and they will contact you with further details, the product range can be seen here.

Why should Dial – a Mango service be used (My opinion) –

  • The mangoes here are ripened using proper ripening techniques, so that you get a healthy mango to eat.
  • It is convenient to order mangoes over the phone.

So, go ahead and try the service, do share your experiences with us.


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