RTINation helps you file RTI Online

RTI or Right to Information is one the basic rights every Indian has ( under Article 19(1) of the Constitution )  to find out details on whats going on in any matter ( almost ) so if  you feel there is a road construction being delay in your area you can go and file RTI for that and get the correct info. After its your taxes that are making them.

Now the problem is not many of us are comfortable with doing this as it mostly hassles going to government office and so on  ( however the Media people do it on daily basis but thats their job ) so here is a startup RTINation which will help you get this done against a nominal fees.

So how RTINation Work ?

Once you have filed in your RTI using their online form and paid a minimal of RS 150,  the team takes care of depositing them at the right government office. Since you pay, you will need to register with them so they can get in touch with you when the application process is complete.

  • You File the RTI
  • A review is done for all the questions you have put in. So in case something is wrong they always get back to you.
  • Once everything is in place, a document is send back to you to sign the RTI Document which you need to send them back either via Email ( Scanned Copy ) or by post.
  • Once this is complete, the document is sent to the PIO or Public Information officer and you can expect a reply in 30 to 40 days. The team keeps 10 days buffer in case there is any delay.

Right to Information

How to file RTI Properly

Now since you might be new to this, there is a FAQ page availble which help you understand how you can ask questions because it is possible that your questions can be rejected if they are not suitable.

Some examples of RTI are

  • Passport delays
  • Provident Fund Transfer Delays
  • Income Tax Refund
  • Details of Old age/Widow pensions
  • Status of all corruption complaints
  • Details of electrification in an area
  • MLA Development Fund
  • Details of Road repairs carried out
  • Details of Pending work in any Department

All these samples can be seen on their website to have a great idea on how people are filing RTI. If you are active on social network, you can find them at Twitter and Facebook both to get your queries solved.


  1. I have made a RTI through them. I have waited for 40 days and didnt received reply from concerned govt authorities. So planned to go for re-appeal. Submitted another form with Rs150(in fact their cost should be low anyway). They have sent me the form to sign.

    Once I got mail from RTI, simultaneously I got response from govt for first appln. So wanted to cancel the first appeal appln. I have mailed them to either cancel or to use it for another application, From that point they havenot replied for any mail because money is their motive and not service as they mention.

    These are MONEY MINDED Fellows try to test new opportunities. So dont go with them


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