Sachin stops taking Shower and bathes with only a bucket of water

One of the most popular people and awesome batsman Sachin Tendulkar, has stopped taking shower, as taking a shower wastes a lot of water, and instead he uses just a bucket of water to take bath.

This fact was revealed when Sachin went to shoot a ‘Save Water’ ad for the civic body, and the civic body was impressed with this, and to make the ad more effective they used this fact in their ad campaign as well.

“Thirst for runs never ends but if thirst for water has to be quenched then it should be used with great care,” says the ad.

This will be a 30second ad, and was shot at MCA grounds in the Bandra-Kurla Complex on Sunday; Sachin shot this ad dressed up in his cricket gear. The ad will be ready for screening soon.

Facts reveal that Mumbai is already undergoing 15% water cut due to insufficient monsoon.

This act of using just a bucket of water, in order to save water, clearly shows the civic sense in Master Blaster, I am not a cricket fan, nor do I understand anything about, but I am really impressed with Sachin Tendulkar for this.

Saving water is something which isn’t the need of Mumbai only, Water level is going down day by day, hence not only Mumbaikars rather every Indian should make it a point to save as much water as he/she can.

Let’s become a part of this Water saving campaign, and join hands to save Water.

Source Express India

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