Brain Washing : A hope to save premature babies

Issac Walker : One of the first babies to get 'brain-washing' treatment

Issac Walker : One of the first babies to get 'brain-washing' treatment

The latest technique in science has given a ray of hope to us. The latest technique – brain washing is being used in UK to save premature babies. As per Professor Andrew Whitelaw at Bristol University, explained: ‘Premature babies are particularly at risk of bleeding because, in the middle of pregnancy, the foetus has many fragile blood vessels in the centre of the brain.’ And this technique is removing this harmful toxic fluid from the brain of the premature babies.

Although the treatment doesn’t makes your baby like other normal child. But it gives you a hope that your child might survive. They were considerably less likely to suffer disabilities.

Issac Walker-Cox was one of the first baby who underwent this treatment in 2000. He was of only 13 weeks when he took birth weighing 10oz. Now he is nine years of old who loves going school, playing games on computer although he is suffering from mild paralysis on the left side of his body.

The technique is yet to come in India and we might have to wait long but it’s really a positive approach where children can be saved at an early stage. However the amount of money this technique requires might not fit into everybody’s pocket but it gives chance to few of us to save our children.

Facts  on Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH)

This is one of the most common problem in the brain of an extremely premature baby which causes bleeding that occurs in or around the cavities, or ventricles, of the brain.  This results in change of blood pressure and oxygen level in the blood. Further it can collect and get into other regions of brain. Also because of the blockage it blocks the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the fluid that flows up and down the spinal column and into the brain, the pressure causes the baby’s head to grow bigger.

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