School Children to get UID : First initiative to track every citizen in India

Looks like even though UID is not compulsory as of now but it is going to be mandatory for generations to come. In a new program by HRD, all school children  will need to have UID so they can track their progress. Call this as first step to track your entire life right from school marks. There is already a bit of Information on HRD and UID.

According to this program:

All school children will soon have unique identification numbers (UID), which will help in tracking their movement in educational institutions and academic records. The system will help in tracking students’ mobility by creating an electronic registry, right from the primary level through secondary and higher education, as also between the institutions.

It will become necessary for every student to mention its UID numbers at the time of admission to any schools/colleges.Currently government is aiming to give the UID numbers to  220 million children in schools and 26 million in colleges.

For children, the advantages from the UID would be significant. Child-related programs in India have relied on often inaccurate, aggregate data at school/cluster/block levels, making these programs ineffective. An exact database of children with UIDs would be immensely beneficial to programs within the women and Child welfare as well as the Education departments, which track development  and progress of children in government schools, and work to eliminate child labor.

Also if you have check the UID Strategy there is a plan to give UID at birth by Hospitals etc.

UID at Birth

Participation in the project:

This project will be run  by the ministry to civil society groups. UID Authority has calculated Rs 200 as the cost per person for providing ID numbers. The ministry will share this cost with civil society groups to get children into schools

Where it will be imprinting:

Imprinting of the UID number on the performance records of students, including mark-sheets, merit certificates and migration certificates, will be helpful to prospective employers and educational institutions.

Advantages of UID Numbers:

  • One of the main advantage having UID numbers to student is that it will be helpful  in the implementation of the mid-day meal scheme under which bogus entries are made in some places to show a high number of students.
  • Second advantage is that it will also help in dealing with problems such as fake degrees that could be used while issuing academic certificates, as also education loans and scholarship schemes.

I think this will help the government as well as the parents to know the progress of the school children and is in good initiative to track the dropouts in schools.

So what do you think?

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