Seems like India will get the $35 Tablet: OLPC ready to help for Free

Lately we have been hearing and reading a lot about the$35 Tablet Indian Dream to get access to OLPC Technology offers Nicholas Negroponte $35 Tablet, everybody has an opinion about this high end aspiration of Indian Government, some people find it funny, and some are waiting to witness a revolution.

Recently, another news arrived, which seems like another solid step in laying the foundation of this revolutionary Indian dream.

Nicholas Negroponte, the man behind One Laptop per Child, has offered the country full access to OLPC hardware and software technology.

Negroponte wrote in a recent blog entry, that he is offering full access to all the technology, he also made an urge, according to which he demanded Indian Government to send a team to MIT and OLPC so that the they can share the result to take this dream a step closer to reality.

You can read the full story in detail here @ PC World.

This news that OLPC comes forward to help Indian Government to make the $35 Tablet a reality, is very appealing, looks like this dream will soon turn into a reality. All the best to Indian Government, and Thanks to OLPC 🙂


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