Selling Aluminium cans to help for wedding

We have heard couples doing all the crazy things for love. But have you heard a couple collecting aluminum cans to help themselves for their wedding? To add here it’s not only love for them but also for the environment. The couple from Spokane, Washington, Pete, and Andrea is collecting aluminum cans to help to pay for their wedding on 31st of July 2010. Their target is to collect 400000 out of which they are yet to collect 318648.

Wedding Aluminium cans

You must be thinking that how that will help them? As per the couple, aluminum recycling is one of the most sustainable and useful forms of recycling. The couples have also given the drop off locations that will enable the peoples to help them. They are also providing the pickup facility if you’re in the Spokane, WA or surrounding area.

They did get married, and you can check out their photographs here. Sadly, their website doesn’t exist anymore, and I can’t find them to get more about how their adventure of selling aluminum cans. Hope they are doing well.


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