Send and Recieve emails on any Mobile without GPRS

Emails on the go is now even hot to any person who is internet literate which was only available to corporates before  on BlackBerry. However to get emails on your phone the minimum requirement is to have GPRS on your phone which in simple term is Internet but that might turn out costly because of the high download per kb charges.

BlacMail is an Email Service which gives you freedom from the GPRS by providing email solution to any mobile phone without need of Internet, in short it works same as your SMS service.


First thing first,  How does it charge you ? It deduct from your balance available on your phone :

For every mail received or sent you lose a credit (it could be more depending on your mail download size). And you are charged at your usual SMS rates. Read more on their FAQ

So every time you receive an email you are charged one sms price which is generally one rupee however I am sure this does not mean that if your sms is free it will not charge you, because it will first deduct the amount from you and give BlacMail Credit which is deducted.

BlacMail Inbox

This is an excellent service for people who either do not have a smart phone or do not want to get GPRS on their mobile handset. Also I would suggest this for people who have limited usage because if you have hundreds of emails to check, you better do it on your computer or get GPRS plan.  Check out BlacMail


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