Which services are added under 10% Service Tax

Looks like Government have finally aimed to gather more revenue from services rather than on how much income you make which has broader spectrum than revenue generated from Income Tax becuase now you get moeny from both sides in many cases.

The Latest Budget has now added more categories under 10% service tax. Here is the list :

  • Service Promoting brands of goods, events, business entitites.
  • Renting of Immoveable property.
  • Lottery and Any scheme which falls under Games of Chance.
  • Health Services provided under Insurance Scheme.
  • Air Pessenger Transport Services.
  • Copyrights on cinematographic films and sound recording.

This is going to bring major impact on Price raises in these sectors and the only one who is goign to pay for all these is Aam Admi,  What do you think ?


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