Shoe Laundry : Get a facelift of old sneakers

Sounds weird but it’s true that many people are paying for getting their sneakers cleaned or even repaired. Many of us don’t like wearing dirty sneakers and actually don’t know how to get it properly cleaned. Either we manage with that dirty ones or just throw away.

seeing this Mumbai-based Sandeep Gajaka gave birth to the idea of Shoe Laundry in 2004. Sandeep has given the people of getting their sneakers cleaned and giving them a fresh look.

Initially started his business with Rs 7000 in his own room, Sandeep handled the entire business of his own. From picking to deliver it back was managed by him all alone. It took time for people to digest the concept of shoe laundry but soon Sandeep Gajaka’s unique business flourished. Now Shoe laundry is a mature and stable process which follows a 10 step cleaning and repairing process

Shoe laundary

Shoe laundry

Sandeep’s laundry now provides service to leading showrooms, 5 star hotels in Mumbai and many hospitals. Charging Rs 150 pair – does it sounds much? Actually no. This charge is inclusive of pick up from your door step, washing, drying, even repairing /carrying out touch-ups giving a new life to your sneakers. They also replace the worn out laces if any. What else can you demand at this charge? The present revenue is around Rs 80 Lakhs with 15 employees.

I really liked this weird idea of Mr Sandeep Gajaka. The concept is really creative and solves the problem of in fact every house. Heard and read about shoe laundry in India for first time in India and i think that not many people are aware that such a service exists in our country.

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