Simple tips to boost your Wellness Quotient

Do you want to tackle your work with greater ease, feel more alert and not have to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Get on to this super simple energy boosting plan and add more energy to your day every day. So here are some simple ways to start your day and push up your physical and mental levels of energy.

#1 Simple Exercise and Meditation :

Stress can shoot up blood pressure to dangerous level and even then it is part of the daily life. But the good news is that you can beat it with doing by doing exercise or can do meditation for 5 minutes. This I Love My Jobwill help you a lot to keep yourself fresh and active.

How simple is a simple exercise ?Just sit back straight in your chair and keep your feet firmly on the floor, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.The idea behind is to keep daily thoughts off your mind which releases pressure from your mind for that duration.

#2  Make tea time sacred:

When you sit down to drink tea make sure you don’t do anything but have the tea. It is said that if you keep your focus of the main work, which here is tea, you will never feel like you have done it even if it is done.

Make sure that  you are taking but of time when having tea and in turn can relax keeping rest your thoughts off.  This is the only time to enjoy and to get refresh in a busy day work.

#3 To keep your weight in check:

I have experienced and also heard that  people get stressed for their weight gain.What happens is the more weight you have more energy is used up in carrying your self and hence you get tired more often. Try to keep weight checking and you must include protein in your diet as this will help to increase your metabolism activities. It not always the fat that makes you gain weight.

#4 Take dinner before 2 hours to go to bed:

Try to eat your dinner 2-3 hrs before you go to the bed. This is because you need movement time after dinner and this will help in better digestion as well as to keep you active.

# 5 Do the work of your choice:

For the physical activeness one should require mental peace. For this you can go for a long drive, shopping,  movies or you can watch cartoons, play games, swimming etc.However good and sound sleep is the key factor to keep a  person healthy.

So how do you relax ?

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