Solar Lanterns with Mobile Charger – “What an idea sir ji!!!”

We have discussed about various kinds of innovative business ideas in our blog. And all are unique in different aspects. But have you heard about mobile charging as a source of side income and that to in those areas where there is no continuous power supply? Not clear!!! Let me help you. 

While we are on long tour we at times fail to charge our mobiles frequently and at times mobile gets switch off. And without mobile especially in remote areas communication gets distracted. And in need of urgency we fail to get connect. On these interior routes we come across many dhabas where we generally halt for some refreshments. Theses dhabas run their business on diesel power generators due to lack of regular power supply. 

eLanternWhat theses dhabawalas have started doing is they are giving chance to charge mobile to the on route travelers, charge being Rs 3 to Rs 5 for 30 minutes. This has become an additional income for these dhabawalas and they are earning around Rs 200 – Rs 400 daily. The above business is practices especially in Bihar. Bihar is the most effected place due to no-power supply for long stretches. 

Now the Government has become enthusiastic seeing the concept of business. The Government in support of it is planning to provide a combination of non-conventional energy tool and some earning opportunity. More clearly Government wants to supply solar LED lanterns with mobile charging facility to them. This is yet another innovative business that the Government is planning to do. 

BTL (Beltron Telecommunication Ltd) will be buying 3.3 lakhs of these solar lanterns from Hyderabad based MIC Electronics for Rs 66 crore which in turn will be sold to people at a subsidiary rate. As per Mr Kumar MD, Patna based BTL Bihar would need over one crore of such lanterns to ‘empower’ people.  Full Specification here via The Hindu Business Line 


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